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Japanese translations files for mods - My list


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Renewal of individual distribution of Japanese-language files is no longer available.
From now on, all will be distributed in a cohesive JTOM, which contains all the files.




Vintage Story has been updated to v1.16, and when I play in Japanese, the English text of the untranslated mods I've been playing with Vintage Story since v1.16, and when I'm playing in Japanese, the English text of the untranslated mods is missing the spaces, and the words are connected to each other, making it hard to understand.

I have translated some of the mods that I have installed into Japanese using PCOT and  translation. I have translated some of the mods I have installed into Japanese using PCOT and DeepL translation.

I sent the translated Japanese files to the mod makers, and some of them have already been officially adopted.

However, since there is a time lag before the Japanese is reflected in the mods (and there are cases where the Japanese is not adopted...)

I have decided to release the language files of the mods that I have made into Japanese here as well.


Please add each language file to the assets folder -> MOD name folder -> lang folder in the compressed zip.

Some mods also have separate language files in the assets folder -> game folder -> lang folder.


In the meantime, while playing the game, I try to translate it so that it is easier to understand than the actual English.

However, it's obvious that I'm limited in my ability to translate because of my poor Japanese grades.

So, if you have any doubts about the translation, please let me know about good translations.

I will update the language files and send them to the mod makers.


So have a nice Vintage Story life!





Vintage Storyがv1.16になって、日本語で遊んでいると翻訳されていないMODの英文から
















それでは良いVintage Story ライフを!!

List of Japanese Translations


Japanese files are included in the marked versions and later.

List of Scheduled Japanese Translations



List of videos from my Vintage Story live-streaming
Note: All videos are in Japanese.


Vintage Story season 1 playlist
I played in vanilla mode at first, and installed mods from episode 10.
Then I couldn't enter the world after the crash, so I moved to Season 2 in a new world.

Vintage Story season 2 playlist
The world crashed in Season 1, so I had to start over in a new world.
This time, I added mods from the beginning, and also added mods along the way.
This is the series that I have done all I can do in Vintage Story.

Vintage Story season 3 playlist
In Season 3, I changed the seasonal conditions when I created the world and challenged myself to live a survival life in an extremely cold place.
Since it was impossible to survive in vanilla, I added various mods and managed to survive in this series while watching the Northern Lights every day.
It was especially difficult to find reeds and oak trees. Without BackpackPackPlus and Ancient Tools, I would not have survived.

Vintage Story season 4 playlist
In Season 4, I tried to survive in a scorching hot place to become the opposite of Season 3.
I installed a lot of mods in this game.
The high temperatures caused food to decompose quickly, which was a challenge at first.
However, since there is no debuff for players, it was easier compared to the extremely cold lands of Season 3.
Finally, I created an oasis in the desert and built a series of Japanese festival sites.

Vintage Story season 5 playlist
In Season 5, I began in the normal season, which was a change from seasons 3 and 4.
I will be exploring Vintage Story to unravel its mysteries and introduce some mods and I will be concerned with the architecture.

Special Thanks

I was inspired to create this topic by Cendar, who has been translating the mods into French.
I'm sorry, Cendar! And thank you!

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21 hours ago, Cendar said:

That's always nice to see more translations to this wonderful game! Nice work and happy vintage surviving!

Hi!! Cendar!!

I took a page from your topic and made one of my own!!!
Now I am further inspired by others to create a mod that collects language files.

Even if the language file is passed to the mod creator, there will inevitably be a lag in reflecting it in the mod.
That may be unavoidable, but I wanted many Japanese people to enjoy playing this game, and if possible, I wanted to play it with them.

Let's keep up the good work translating Vintage Story mods for each other!
Have a good Vitage Story life!

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On 6/27/2022 at 1:11 AM, l33tmaan said:

So which mod is the hardest to translate? Is it mine? 😂

I didn't notice the notification at all. My apologies.

One of the difficulties in translation is the large number of lines to translate.
In that respect, Expanded Foods was definitely the hardest in its current state.🤣

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Translation data for extra editions

Vintage Story 1.17.0-pre came, and as was the case with 1.16, there was a considerable difference between the English and Japanese files, so I translated all 8691 lines (including line breaks) based on the English file.
As a personal attempt, I prioritize the use of Kanji characters to some extent.
However, there is a problem with the current Japanese notation, which does not display properly within the display frame, so even if I include the Japanese file, I cannot read the entire text.
I have already reported it and hope for further improvement.

Copy ja.json to the following folder and save it over.
Note: It is recommended to back up the original ja.json as well.

[Vintage Story 1.17.0-pre.51.17 - pre.5 - ja.json

The original Japanese translation was made by kengo700 and AllsAlla.


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Translation data for extra editions Fixed

I have corrected the Japanese language file for the Japanese notation problem occurring in Vintage Story 1.17.0-pre, so that it is properly displayed in the frame of the Survival Handbook.
The usage is the same as the old version.
The modified version breaks sentences at a good place or just within the frame.
It may be difficult to see, but it is better than not seeing it at all.😝

[Vintage Story 1.17.0-pre.51.17 - pre.5 - fix - ja.json

The original Japanese translation was made by kengo700 and AllsAlla.


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