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1.7 impressions


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@Tyron, @Saraty
So I have played a bit on 1.7 and have some feedback intching to get out. This is about end-game stuff mostly.
Please tell which points are really considerable and I should create tickets. Or maybe I am doing something wrong :)
I understand that most of this is planned to be seriousely improved in future, will merge with other mechanics,
but maybe until other mechanics is present, the current ones should be more rewarding?

1. Health.

I feel the new system makes players averagely weaker and feels more of  "punish" approach instead of "reward".
I still can't reach 25 health, even when tyring specifically to do it. Even if I could, it will be hard to maintain.
To keep myself around 21-22hp I have to eat different foods constantly. This is affordable only at my base, because otherwise 4 inventory slots will be taken - bad for exploring.
As soon as I go to a trip - health goes down to 19ish - bad thing for exploration. And journeys are quite long.
Yes, the poultices help, but they take additional inventory slot.

2. Spears

Feels kinda useless now, which is a great great sadness considering their new awesome animation/sound.
I can't take a spear to a journey, because it doesnt have too much durability. Sword is more reliable. Also I feel spear doesnt give too much advantage over sword.
Tbh, I took one to a journey specifically to enjoy the animation and never used it :D

3. Inventory space

On a multiplayer server I have to travel quite far to get ores and underground ruins.
Usually I find some ores I just can't ignore, because the walk itself takes too long and it is kinda repetative.
And if I find ruins, they contain quite a lot of irresistible stuff: bricks, loot, ....
And to make trip worth it I would like to take extra pickaxe at least.
Combination of this means I have to do the repetative walk several times :(
So kinda feel not motivated to explore too far, fells like a running simulator  :(
Also we get more and more items to carry, like poultices, so more need of space. And I don't even think to take a sweet bow+arrows with me.

4. Cooking

This beautiful and powerful thing atm is kinda decorative only. Great fun to use at the home base and make kitchen/tavern, but to keep my healh I have to use ordinary food.
Can't take with me to a journey, can't force myself to throw away bowls, they take noticeable effort to make.


5. Dropped items

Awesome mechanics, but they are small on the ground and sometimes blend with it too much.
Cut grass on grassy soil, items in tall grass, items on motley cobble floor, dug up soil blocks on newly opened brown soil ...
Each time I need to pick them up I strain my eyes to see them.
Maybe make them a bit bigger or with some outline?

6. Storage labeling

Old problem, but the small font on signs and low contrast with the wood puts stress on my eyes.
Making big storage is not that pleasant. I have checked how e.g. Saraty makes hers, and probably will make mine somehow smaller, to have less signs. Still ...
Similar stuff about tool racks - the tools are not clearly visible on wood or motley stone. Plaster is the answer, but sometimes a different choice could be nice.
Maybe some cheap solution instead of full customization can be done soon? Plaster signs with white background? They are a bit more expensive, so good for progressing.

Aside of these few things the game looks and feels even more awesome. New sounds, animations, loot, cooking, GUI, ... - incredibly great and I enjoy them a lot.|
E.g. small things like new mining sounds - so awesome, pushes you to mine more because you "feel" it.
I haven't tried yet the breeding, seems great fun, but my base needs serious expansion and I am in a creative deadlock :(


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