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Homesteading part 2 & Combat update, stabler-er finetune (1.16.4-rc.1)


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Dear Homesteaders
v1.16.4-rc.1, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

This release fixes some more minor imbalances, performance leaks, crashes, annoyances and other loose ends in 1.16.1. Should be particularly helpful for server owners who had their server crash or their players crash on connect.


Screenshot&Build by Arkan

Game updates

  • Tweak: Updated community translations
  • Tweak/Fixed: Avoid game crashing on corrupted chiseled blocks
  • Tweak: More informative fruitpress block info hud text
  • Tweak: Further optimized entity physics simulation for overall improved game performance when lots of entities are loaded (Technical info: Skip loading all nearby block collision boxes if entity didn't move a full block since last tick)
  • Fixed: Animal weight system not working at all since 1.16
  • Fixed: Able to circumvent block reinforcements with ore bombs
  • Fixed: Might fix some trader carts cut in half on world generation
  • Fixed: Should fix game no longer launching on MacOS
  • Fixed: Able to add chiseled blocks as material on chiseled blocks, producing unknown textures
  • Fixed: All spaces gone in english texts if the language was set to Japanese
  • Fixed: Mitigate issues with copying text to clipboards from various in-game buttons
  • Fixed: Retrieving buckets of juice or dairy from the creative inventory gave you buckets of rot instead in some cases
  • Fixed: Various oddities when sleeping in a bed and logging out / shutting down the server
  • Fixed: Dairy liquids yielding huge amounts of rot
  • Fixed: Block reinforcement system: Non reinforcable blocks could still be reinforced but had no effect
  • Fixed: Putting fruits 1-by-1 into the fruit press allowed you to get way more juice
  • Fixed: Able to relight burned out torches
  • Fixed: Able to mix items in the crate using a chute
  • Fixed: Harvesting lychee trees yielded breadfruit
  • Fixed: Cider and Juice not spoiling
  • Fixed: Placing firewood in claimed areas placed a firewood pile on the client side
  • Fixed: Wrong Playstyle selector hover texts on the create world screen
  • Fixed: Coke oven doors and chute sections floating on water
  • Fixed: Crushed olivine and quartz not smeltable into glass
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR MODDERS: If you override Block.OnBlockExploded() and don't call the base method you now must manually delete the block with "world.BulkBlockAccessor.SetBlock(0, pos);" or your block will become a source of infinite drops



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