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The search for excellence (v1.7.2)


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Version 1.7.2, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

[Edit:] Due to constant crashes I've decided to retract v1.7.2. If you already have it please downgrade to 1.7.1. I'm Working on v1.7.3 to fix the issues.
[Edit2:] v1.7.3 is now released, which should fix all worldmap related crashes known to me

This update comes we a new graphics option called "Occlusion culling", but it's disabled by default as its somewhat experimental. Please do enable it and tell me how your FPS is in the forum please! It has the chance to drastically improve FPS for some players and may worsen it for others, so I'm looking for feedback on how well it performs on a multitude of graphics cards.

Occlusion Culling - Technical Info
Occlusion culling is a method to determine which parts of the scene are invisible and thus do not need to be drawn, saving on extra computation time on the graphics card. The challenge is however that occlusion culling itself is computationally expensive and has to be carefully programmed in order to actually gain something from it. In our case we are trading in cpu computation for gpu computation. I implemented my own custom flavor of a ray casting system that currently shoots out 2 rays for each chunk on every chunk at the edge of the view distance, any chunk it can pass through will be marked visible, all other chunks are marked invisible. The idea is based on Tommos Cave Culling Algorithm but instead of doing a breadth-first searching I am actually doing full ray casts. I did try the Bfs method and it seemed to doing a very underwhelming job, but understandably so, since a Bfs does not really model the physical properties of light transport. Tommo claims it would require 119 000 ray casts for a view distance of, I presume 16 minecraft chunks, which is 256 meters. I seem to be able to do it in about 2 300 ray casts for a view distance of 320 meters, so that's pretty freaking nice. Sorry, I'm totally nerding out about this now :D 
Let's hope it actually works for everyone. 

Also, look at these brand new rooster graphics, trying to be even fancier in front of the ladies now!


Game updates:

  • Feature: Added Occlusion culling system. This can improve FPS in some cases, particularly on low-mid range graphics cards
  • Feature: Prettier Roosters!
  • Tweak: Entering the graphics settings will now also show FPS and fps graph.
  • Tweak: Boosted Saturation for grain when inside a meal (120 sat -> 180 sat)
  • Tweak: Nerfed cabbage healing value (3 hp -> 1.5 hp)
  • Tweak: Slightly Reduced chance and size of surface tin deposits
  • Fixed: Crash when filling honey from a bucket into a bucket
  • Fixed: Other players crashing when placing a watering can
  • Fixed: May fix a very rare crash when chopping a tree thats near to invalid blocks
  • Fixed: Some minor memory leaks after exiting the game
  • Fixed: Game crashing when trying to add the keepContents rule to the player.json
  • Fixed: May fix crash reporter not launching on linux
  • Fixed: /land info showing absolute coords
  • Fixed: Potentially fixes a rare client crash
  • Fixed: Name and Texture cabbage inside a meal missing
  • Fixed: Breaking plaster blocks doesn't stack with crafted ones and had the wrong name
  • Fixed: Anvil sounds not positional (was stereo)
  • Fixed: Large mods causing a buffer overflow and crashing the client.

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