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just some random questions

Alessandro De Col

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-can i turn off the furnace? i just wasted a lot of coal everytime

-i noticed that dirt block/granite and so on that i have just digged and trow them away did not disappear anymore.  can i destroy them in some ways?

-where i can find Flax fibers? i have some but sometimes i found them cutting grass, and other times Drifters drop it

-every time i pick up some branches they usually get stored in a different space in my inventory instead of been put togheter...it is a bug ?

i will ask some more 

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Oh, the forge, ya no, no way to turn it off.  I'm not sure if you get any fuel back if you break it or not.

Are the objects in continuously loaded chunks?  The 10 minute timer only counts down while the chunks are loaded.  If they're not despawning even when loaded for that long, Tyron will probably want to see your save file.  I'm not sure if even lava will destroy items in VS.

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On 10/12/2018 at 8:06 PM, redram said:

Are the objects in continuously loaded chunks?

after 2 days (in game times some are start to vanish. 

ASlso i noticed when i die, they are more likely to despawn


4 hours ago, MammaJamma said:

The sticks not stacking are probably because you used them in the fire pit

no. i just harvest from the tree or leafs pile and keep em in my inventory...i constantly have to craft new pickaxe....

 Anyway i think they do not stack cause they are from different kind of Tree and when i pick em up for the game are different kind of items..  it let me stack them manually though(just my thought)

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