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Need Help with serverconfig.json settings


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I'm trying to copy the format from the official wiki to edit some of the "WorldConfiguration" parameters, but every time I edit it, the server fails to load, and completely wipes out the serverconfig.json except for a few lines.  I tried to copy all the brackets and commas according to the wiki, but since I'm not a coder - I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  Any guidance would be appreciated, thank you.

Here's the relevant entries I'm trying to modify that are causing the problem.

"WorldConfig": {
    "Seed": null,
    "SaveFileLocation": "./data/Saves/default.vcdbs",
    "WorldName": "Githalla",
    "AllowCreativeMode": true,
    "PlayStyle": "surviveandbuild",
    "PlayStyleLangCode": "surviveandbuild-bands",
    "WorldType": "standard",
    "WorldConfiguration": { 
        "deathPunishment": "keep",
        "daysPerMonth": 30,
        "harshWinters": false,
        "creatureHostility": "passive",
        "playerHealthPoints": 100,
        "toolDurability": 5,
    "MapSizeY": null,
    "CreatedByPlayerName": null,
    "DisabledMods": null,
    "RepairMode": false

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