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VS-1.10.15 Totem Mod - Challenge Mod

tony Liberatto

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The first Challenge Mod. This mod is intended to be used in conjunction with The Neolithic Mod. It actually depends on it. 
The Neolithic Mod adds all the tools and blocks you need to survive and prosper in the Stone Age.   

But what The Totem Mod add to your playing experience is the spiritual part of life. 
Before you can progress in the game you have to prove that you can, not just survive, but actually thrive. 
Farming is what gave the first humans enough food security that they could dedicate time and effort to develop metallurgy.
To make things a bit Interesting I created the Totems.  For now, we have the Pig Totem. The pig is a symbol of wealth and food abundance
The mod has several stages that have to be followed.

Attention the Totem is not movable. Choose wisely where you will place the Totem.

The first step is to make a Totem: totem-pig-new-acacia-unlit-east.png.575a04bcca4244694b4e7bb47f7c2fd0.png  totem-pig-new.png.34663e84dc25d6ab333672dd33dd1de2.pngTo make one combine a Boar Head Trophy, A Boar Pelt, A Log and an Adze in the crafting grid. Like this:

Place the Totem.
Now start to you need to make an offering bowl like this: 1789822643_OfferingBowl.png.7944ff63aef36c021624a5cdb7bebfa9.png just any log and any adze in the crafting grid. Once you have the bowl you need to fill it with food.
The first food is fruit, like this: fruit-bowl.png.1854caf037590e383abfc78cc31b46b7.png just combine the empty bowl and a full stack of each berry in the game, blackcurrant, whitecurrant, blueberry, cranberry, redcurrant. That will give you the Fruit offering Bowl.offering-bowl-fruit.png.c62c8f3284a688b78779d41e8f293065.png
Now, right click the totem with the fruit offering bowl in your hand. It will change the existing Totem into a new totem and it will keep the bowl: totem-pig-bowl-maple-unlit-east.png.5c570a9ea5933e3154beeb508f7d93db.png 

Time to farm for vegetables, again in the crafting grid get a full stack of each vegetable in the game with an empty bowl: vegetable-bowl.png.3bae1121dc948eefcd995b54fbdd1f60.png that will give you a vegetable bowl.offering-bowl-vegetable.png.e9b784c2d14789a6acad87c97c3b8226.png

Now right click the totem with the vegetable offering bowl in your hand. It will change the existing Totem into a new totem.totem-pig-tusk-birch-unlit-east.png.ec952f17eef6da8e320a1042384746b2.png

Time to really hunt. collect 2 full stacks of each healthy meat: Mutton, Pork chops, Chicken, and Hares. Make a meat offering bowl like this: meat-bowl.png.a2f4984edb6752de18cd39ad8dabc238.png to get the meat bowl. offering-bowl-meat.png.781f2446f30e504e2086a234d744472b.png

right click the totem with the meat offering bowl in your hand. It will change the existing Totem into a new totem. totem-pig-eyes-oak-lit-east.png.fc268de025300b9bfbaf28730dbcf2f4.png 

Time to bake, you need 2 stacks of each bread in the game: spelt, rye, flax, rice: bread-bowl.png.75c0ffd6f47769d710ae0dd6ebf25fed.png that gives you the bread bowl: offering-bowl-bread.png.033402102fa83a7e61f5086c46f0dbcb.png

right click the totem with the bread offering bowl in your hand. It will change the existing Totem into  the final totem: totem-pig-crucible-acacia-east.png.8f5a3236b441345c50387b43c9279bed.png

After all that, you can right-click with clay in your hands to get a crucible. You can make as many crucibles as you want.

Download here: https://github.com/TonyLiberatto/The-Neolithic-Mod/releases
Source Files here: https://github.com/TonyLiberatto/The-Neolithic-Mod/tree/master/bin/Totems



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