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blocks sprites dont go away and the river is bullyng me!

Alessandro De Col

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not sure about the title but....

i was mining in a certain spot, and it happen only in that area (i had a screenshot but i forgot to save it..). Basically when you mine in THAT area yuo DO remove the blocks...but you dont remove the graphics of that block AT the moment you mined it!  you CAN pass trough that block (cause it dosent exist anymore) and actually SEE the hole it left. but that  "illusory " wall still persist after that

the all area that suffer from this bug is quite clear cause all the shadows of that kind of block are non make like a solid color, but more like a lot of lines.


about the rivers and all water sources in general...

when i'm swimming, usually  i just need to reach the shore and jump on it to be back on solid grounds...  but, buuuuuuuut IF i remore the shore and put it back! the same  kind of block o another kind ...for some reasons the characters act like that ledge is to HIGH to reach! (and ofc is at the same level of the waters...) i have to move to the adjacent NON TOUCHED block or actually build a staircase underwater to be able to jump outside. Is just the water bullyng me cause i touched her blocks or what?


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Ow, I have seen that before sometimes a chunk is drawn twice, with the first one never updating. Unfortunately this seems to happen pretty rarely and never for me. Did it happen more than one time? (also the problem should be gone if you leave and rejoin the world)

Hm, a number of screenshots or a video would help with your second problem. Not sure whats up with that.

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