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Fog clearing capabilities of a torch


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It doesn't show up that well in the screenshot, now that I look at it again.  The first screenshot I ever took of VS was of some mountains at night, and it was completely black in the screenshot even though they were quite visible in the game, even on the same computer.  In the game I could see the drifters in the cave quite clearly while holding the torch.  It was a very striking difference. 

You should still be able to see enough of the difference, though.  To be more precise about what I'm describing: the second picture shows the edges of blocks, and the outline of a drifter, while the first is very smoothly blurred together so that no detail is visible.  The torch didn't brighten anything in the cave, it just made it more clear.  If you can't see it, try looking at your screen from a higher angle. 

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