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about the world

Alessandro De Col

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a couple of questions related to the world:

-it is flat? or at certain point i will end up again were i started?

-how big it is? i tryed to reach the end or anithing but after a wile i just died after meet the same biome over and over again. its quite BIG!

-i found on the wiki the indication: "surface". wich i found quite interesting.. what the game intend with surface? how many block deep down is still considered surface?

-gears...i found a lot araond..even a time gear froma  drifters, but cant quite figure out what they does

-near were a spawn everytime i died, there are quite a lot of berries and crops! but during my journey to the end of the world i noticed there were less and less...and than NOTHING for miles and miles.. i was just unlucky or ..?



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- it is flat and does not wrap.  I don't think it's i the plans right now to have it ever wrap.

-iirc it's around 300,000 blocks square.

- not sure on the surface thing

- The temporal gears will set your spawn point.   You just hold right click, and it will set your spawn to where you're standing.   They have not other use currently.  The rusty gears will be money, eventually.

- don't know one the berries. Might help if you elaborated on the distance you traveled.

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