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[Implemented in 1.8] Craftable stone bricks


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So stone bricks appear in underground dungeons now. E.g. I saw granite ones. They look great and can be a good end-game material, an improvement of cobblestone.

But getting them via exploration is not very reliable, they become too time-expensive, especially on multiplayer servers.

Why not allow players to craft them, with some expensive enough recipe?


  1. Can be done from raw stone block only => checkerboard quarry in needed.
  2. Made from raw stone similar as firewood from logs - crafting in grid with pickaxe and hammer. This may create an additional use for mold-made bronze tools in end-game.
    I suggest at lest 2 bricks are made from one raw stone block. 1 might be too expensive imho.
  3. To create brick blocks u use similar recipe as for blue/fire bricks - with clay.

This will make them reasonably expensive: quarrying+tool durability+clay+need quite a lot of bricks to make enough brick blocks.

And dungeon-looted bricks will be very desirable, to save on all those resources and crafting time.

And this addition can be very cheap development-wise: most brick textures/blocks seems to exist (maybe except stairs/slabs).
Stairs/slabs can be copy-pasted from existing blocks.
Recipes don't use any unique mechanics, and can be copy-pasted from firewood and from blue brick blocks crafting.


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