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Regarding Ore Generation and Density


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Greetings friends. I have another question about ore!

As it is in real life, the process of prospecting involves sampling the area, determining if there is a minute amount of what you're looking for and then methodically moving North South East West seeing what direction it gets stronger and stronger.

I love this system and it feels really rewarding!

The question is about the limits of relative ore density.

In the past I erroneously focused in on the percentages when it is the Adjectives (Poor, Decent, High, Ultra High etc) that matter. Bearing that and only that in mind my question is:

Does every "vein" of Ore ultimately lead to a patch of High/Ultra High Ore Density- OR Do some ore veins simply peter out to a lower amount?

Rephrased another way: I have managed to find Ultra High patches of several ores, however sometimes on the hunt the trail seems to go cold at a Decent. Is this simply how ore generates with some patches getting extremely high and others not reaching that height? Or were those "Cold" Trails just my ineffective sniffing?


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I can confirm that peaks on the ore map don't always hit Ultra High. In my 1.16 world, I had a cassiterite area near my base that topped out at Decent. it was seven chunks worth of Decent, but at no point did it ever get any higher than that. And in my 1.14 world, I had an area roughly a thousand by a thousand blocks that read Very Poor for sphalerite. Almost no peaks and valleys at all, just a whole square kilometer worth of low chances.

What I cannot confirm for you is whether or not all ores can reach Ultra High. Ostensibly it makes sense that they should - if you want to limit their spawn probability, then just choose different base numbers. Capping the peak size doesn't make sense, and would potentially even be extra effort (the engine must be coded to support capping this value).

But I've played a lot of hours, and there are certain rare ores for which I have never seen anything better than Poor. Cinnabar, ilmenite, sulfur, rhodocrosite, to name a few... They occasionally show up on the propick, but always in low abundance. If you asked me to speculate, I would say: sure, they can probably go all the way to Ultra High, and I just haven't seen any because they're rare. But because I haven't seen any, I can't be sure, and must call it speculation.

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Hey Street thanks again for your reply!

I think it probably makes sense that as in reality there will not necessarily HAVE to be equilateral peaks of ore, so I guess its just another element of the challenge, I use a mod which automatically marks ProPick readings on the map that makes it not so bad and also cleans up my map haha!


The highest readings ive ever found are

Ultra High Hematite 7.7%
Decent Halite 40%
Ultra High Native Copper 28%
High Casseterite 0.2%

There are others but I cant remember them off the top of my head unfortunately


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