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Worldgen Hotfix #4 (v1.9.0-rc.5 and rc.6)

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Copper Panning Vintarians
Version 1.9-rc.5, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

[Edit:] Released also rc.6 to actually fix the server listing!

To alleviate the additional challenge of finding copper in v1.9 I've decided to quickly add a panning mechanic. It lets you sift through sand and gravel to find copper nuggets amongst other goodies. Some of the finds can be very valuable ^_^

I've also added additional sand and gravel deposits to world generation.

2019-04-29_14-27-33.thumb.png.aff41498e2ede63fc16cc7415788ef20.png    2019-04-29_14-22-28.thumb.png.4d30b714cd710899f5a92b665b278fe9.png


Game updates 

  • Feature: Added panning mechanic: Find copper nuggets and other rare goodies by sifting through sand and gravel
  • Tweak: Snappier sand walk sounds and removed an odd noise spike in sand2.ogg
  • Tweak: Increased surface ore bits commonness by a bit
  • Tweak: Buffed cooked meals, should make you not hungry for 40% longer now
  • Fixed: Game clients crashing when toggling advertising on the server
  • Fixed: Correct collision and selection boxes for stalagmite/ctite
  • Fixed: Clear quartz didn't use the new 3d model
  • Fixed: Wolves not banished to the forests :D (they were supposed to only spawn in forests)
  • Fixed: Quartz ore not dropping quartz
  • Fixed: Hoe heads vanishing when breaking a block with it
  • Fixed: Peridotite quern not craftable
  • Fixed: Signs on wall text invisible 
  • Fixed: Issues with the public server listing
  • Fixed: Malachite nuggets not smeltable
  • Fixed: Issues when trying to add fuel to the bloomery 
  • Fixed: Meteoric iron bits not smeltable
  • Fixed: Malachite ores not crushable into nuggets
  • Fixed: Game crashing when teleporting out of the world bounds
  • API Refactor: Added firstEvent boolean arg to Collectible.OnHeldInteractStart()

Account manager updates

  • Fixed: Using > or < in passwords caused players to be unable to log in ingame.

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