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Inscrease size of world gen

Ambulate In Somnis

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I was quite lucky with my last world gen and had some cool things, a lake district, fjords, hidden valleys, so I'd also like to see what the world gen can do turned to eleven:

rolling hills, each hill from horizon to horizon, valleys of sky high spires of rock, endless lakes with thousand islands, canyons as high as mountain ranges, underground caves that could host a whole city, vast grasslands like green oceans.

BUT I'd like to have that as an option i can choose or maybe influence before the generation, not as something that happens all the time.


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Be aware that neither 1.17 nor 1.18 will focus on world generation, from what we've been told so far.

It's a topic that's tentatively on the to-do list, but is unlikely to be worked on until it happens to fit together with something else on the roadmap. For example, if there is ever an oceon update, that would be the time to also tweak land-side world generation, since both involve the same code.

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