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Need help setting up a server please

spencer shirk

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Right. I just see this stuff could be a bit more user friendly. Until then:

The problem is the following. Your standard internet connection has a firewall blocking access to the server. There is an integrated mechanic in the server that will try to set up something called "port forwarding".

You can try the following with about 50% success rate:

1. Either connect to your server as admin or type in the following commands into the server window:
2. /serverconfig upnp 1
3. Wait about 20 seconds

In the server console you can see now if upnp was successful or not. If it was:
4. /severconfig name spencers server
5. /serverconfig advertise 0
6. /serverconfig advertise 1

Now when your friends go to Multiplayer -> Browser Public servers they should see "spencers server". If not the server was unable to go through your firewall and you have to check your internet router if Upnp is enabled and/or manually set up port forwarding.

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