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Ruins spawn in Trader Wagon


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I came across a trader with ruins spawned inside.  I can't tell if there is an NPC inside or not.  A forum search showed lakes spawning in traders, but I didn't find this situation in any reports.  It's certainly not game-breaking priority, but just a heads up. 

I've only been playing a few days and currently running the game on my laptop (not a gaming system), but the game is running well outside of minor stuttering or lag (likely my connection or integrated GPU).  Can't wait to try it out on my main system soon.  Attached is a pic of the trader ruins.


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Oh wow, wicked. I bet its one of those weird generation bugs that only happen once and cannot be reliably reproduced every again :D
Could you regenerate the world with the same seed and check it generated the structures overlapping again?

There is code specifically to prevent overlapping, I wouldn't know why it failed on this occasion.

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Sure thing, I assumed the seed only affected terrain, so I didn't try it.   The seed is 1420311264.  Just checked, but I only had time to generate two worlds.

See attached pics. The first copy was nearly identical; the ruin spawned exactly in the same spot as my first world.  The second one had "the Alamo" ruin nearby, but the 'parapet wall ruin' didn't intersect the trader this time.  The first three seed generations did not have any of "the Alamo" ruins near spawn. 

I'm curious now what other loads would produce, but I'm packing to leave - don't tell mom that I'm going home to play more VS! 😜  I can't wait to install on my game system - it runs well on this laptop but I get frequent rubberbanding (integrated Intel 520).

Addendum: To be clear, the first reproduction was done through the 'Edit world' and 'Copy this seed to generate a new world' option.  The next one, I generated a new world and typed the seed in.


Third iteration 2.png

Third iteration.png


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Oops, reordered pictures and clarified generation steps.
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On 5/31/2019 at 5:24 AM, Ryan Nienhuis said:

I had it again, but with terrain this time.  




That looks like the wagon with a trailer attached.  I encountered one of those for the first time yesterday. The one I saw spawned similarly with some low terrain intersecting between the two but was accessible for the most part.  Because of the generation, I couldn't tell if it was two wagons that spawned close together or another wagon hitched to the first.

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