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Ladders, Block Drops, Linux, Bugfixes (v1.0.8)


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Few and far between Vintarians!
An early release as I discovered an unusual amount of bugs. Also one more milestone towards Survival complete: Blocks may now drop any combination of items.
Version 1.0.8 is now available for download in the account manager.



  • Feature: Ladders are now climbable
  • Feature: Added universal block drop system. Allows a block to drop any combination of block or item stacks with a selectable random quantity
  • Feature: Add new item: Stick
  • Feature: Added skols Linux Installer scripts and files. If you install the game with vine and run the install.sh you should hopefully have the game working under linux. Skol also wrote some instructions about it.
  • Feature: Leaves and Branchy Leaves now drop Sticks and Saplings. Rock now drops Stones
  • Feature: A singleplayer worlds file name can now be renamed within the game
  • Feature: Added command .cam tp [off or on] to prevent the cinematic camera teleporting the player back to the original position on path end
  • Tweak: Improved version updating experience - removed 2 unecessary message boxes, create desktop icon is always checked and the player is informed that his worlds won't be lost
  • Tweak: Many adjustments to the new ui style (colors, sizes, font, etc.)
  • Tweak: Updated API Documentation (apidocs.vintagestory.at)
  • Tweak: Raised max world height selected from within the game from 1024 to 1536 (survival) or 2048 blocks (creative). Raised the warning value for creative worlds to 1024 blocks. 
  • Tweak: Clean up some parts of the rendering code to reduce some opengl state switches for minor performance gains (< 1%)
  • Fixed: Changing Gui Scale broken after joining and leaving a world
  • Fixed: Tooltips clipping outside the game window 
  • Fixed: Mouse captured in a small rectangle when starting a single player world in windows mode and unfocusing the game window
  • Fixed: Itemstack Quantities not shown at the right coordinate on small or large gui scales
  • Fixed: Dropping items into a slot using right mouse click not updating itemstack quantity
  • Fixed: All Paintings having the same texture in the inventory
  • Fixed: The server log in the single player starting screen should display correctly again on different gui scales
  • Fixed: Player name tag box wrongly sized on small or large gui scales
  • Fixed: .cam start not putting the player in flymod causing massive jerkiness
  • Fixed: Itemstack info not disappearing when closing the chest inventory using the Escape key
  • Fixed: Shift + Left click on an item to move away an itemstack not working
  • Fixed: Vintage Story Logo on the main menu now longer in bad quality from resizing

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