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get v1.08 running under linux


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Afaik there is no official linux support yet, but Tyron still did some changes to enhance the linux compatibility. This means, the following instructions are for v1.08 only because this will change for sure. :)

Prerequisites (as tested with Ubuntu 16.04):

  • wine (only to run the insta ller)
  • mono-complete (to run the game after installation)

After running the installer with wine, you will most probably run into an error about encryption. This will prevent the game from connecting to the Vintagestory Account Manager.

If no error pops up: Good look with testing the game with wine. ;)

The error is due to the incomplete windows explorer implementation of wine. Never mind, we don't need wine to run the game. But you need to use the terminal to complete the setup.

You find the game installation in your "wineprefix" path, you have to change dir most probably to something like

  • cd "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/users/$USER/Application Data/Vintagestory"

The following steps are required to fix some packaging issues of v1.08

1. rename dllmap configuration file

  • mv Lib/cairo-sharp.config Lib/cairo-sharp.dll.config

2. remove the windows-style line termination (CR = ^M) from the scripts

  • install.sh
  • Vintagestory.desktop

This can be done with the console editor vi.

  1. vi <file>
  2. :%s/\r$
  3. :wq


3. create xmp gameicons for the desktop starter (cosmetic)

  • convert assets/gameicon.ico assets/gameicon.xpm

(the convert command is part of the imagemagick package)

4. set execution privilege for the install script

  • chmod ug+x install.sh

Run the "install.sh" script

  • ./install.sh

The simple script performs the following tasks:

  • Relocate the game installation to $HOME/ApplicationData/Vintagestory
  • Install the Vintagestory fonts in $HOME/.fonts
  • Install the desktop icon to start Vintagestory
  • Run Vintagestory via desktop starter

If something does not work, please check $HOME/ApplicationData/Vintagestory/VintagestoryData/Logs/install.sh.log

This script is not written to perform a reinstallation. If you want to do so, please:

  • Move $HOME/ApplicationData/Vintagestory away
  • Delete the desktop starter

Have fun with Vintagestory on Linux ^_^

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