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trouble setting up upnp dedicated server


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So ive been playing with my friends upnp style by just opening my world to land and then to internet. We all got the game like a week ago and have been having an amazing time! No problems at all playing the way we are. We are having so much fun tho that i would like to try and run a dedicated server once in awhile so they dont always have to rely on me to play. Im not very familiar with running servers to begin with, but the instructions looked simple at first. i launch the server .exe and do /serverconfig upnp 1 and it says it works in the command console. I cant even connect to my own game however. Im also unsure how i would copy the world we've been playing on to the server as well.

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On 8/4/2022 at 10:51 AM, daretmavi said:

Here is some info

You can use --dataPath parameter to define where your data are.

this helped thank you, i set the datapath and other serverconfig things, i whitelisted myself and etc. I still get the message "machine refused your connection" when i try to join it

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