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Greenhouse Designs?


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So with how small greenhouse deigns can be, I was wondering what people have designed. Ideally I'm looking to see what people have done with pure glass ones, especially slab roofing if that can work. I'd hate to just make a flat box, or horizontal slab, block, slab, etc...

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Here's what I have on the multiplayer server I'm active in:




I played a bit with the design to make it a better fit for the style of the rest of my base, but it's still pretty basic - two adjacent rooms with a 7x5 interior, so discounting water blocks that's a stack of crops between the two of them. The walls are what you have the most freedom with, so you could chisel some plant designs into it or even make it connected to the walls of your main base. I went with leaded glass panes since I'd just found a huge lead vein. While it's supposedly possible to make the glass roof slanted by combining slabs and full blocks, the game apparently gets pretty finicky with anything other than a flat roof. Haven't tried chiseled glass (with the mods that allow for it) to check if it works for a ceiling, either. The 'corner' blocks (ie both the vertical corners of the walls and the horizontal length where the walls meet the roof) can also be whatever you want, so you can chisel some patterns to make the whole structure less boring.

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