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Additions to the Technical Trait.


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Seeing as how the Malefactor got the Sling added thanks to Improviser, I want to see some recipes for the Clockmaker to be added. More machinery and interesting objects for them to use other than the hacking spear. Having more uses for the Metal Parts would be great. Making it a better support class would be great as well, especially with it being geared more towards building things. 

1. Decor blocks/tools. Clocks! Watches, clocks and more. I know we can always hit C to see the time, but maybe even making you wake up at a specific time for certain ones would be good too if it's within a certain radius. Also, hearing the ticking of clocks would be a nice ambience touch. 

2. Clockwork Lift. A slow-moving elevator where you can have three components; The base for the platforms, the ropes, and the frame for the platforms. You right click on the ropes to go up, and when you hear a click, you've reached your stop and can get off. Otherwise, it'll descend back downwards. Great for ascending areas, but can also have storage items placed on them (Baskets, Vessels, Chests, but not Trunks.). 

3. Rift Senser. A compass of sorts that lets you know what stage it is based on the light for rift activity, but also where the nearest one is and how close you are to it. 

4. Timer. Set down the clock, and set it to an interval of seconds and minutes for it to ding. A good use for copper/bronze early on so you don't worry about burning your bread or pie. 

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1 hour ago, YangKoete said:

Clockwork Lift.


glad to see more people requesting lifts/elevators

but i think the lift itself should not be class based

maybe an upgraded and faster/bigger/better one for the clockworker definitely yes

but i think everyone should have access to the starter/primitive/slower  lift/elevator

everything else you mentioned i also agree could be added to spice up the class

and i also would like to see the other classes get even more unique tools too

not too much but just enough to make it worth picking a certain class

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18 hours ago, Maelstrom said:

I think there should be base recipes available for all classes with class specific items that provide better benefits.  Lighter but more protective armor for the blackguard, warmer clothing for the tailor, etc.

Yes! More Blackguard stuff would be great, as well as more "improvised" material bonuses for Malefactor, like having Scrap Weapons have more durability for them. 

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