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De-Jank and Game Juice Update (1.17.0-rc.4)


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Dear Feature-Rich Community
v1.17.0-rc.4, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

The stabilization of 1.17 continues. This time with mostly non-critical, but important fixes. Looks like we are getting close to stable!

Casting table, shared by metal#3033 on discord

Game updates

  • Feature: Added 6 new crock labels, dynamically chosen based on contents, including for when its contents are rotten
  • Tweak: Fine tuned reflective shader. Fixed reflective tiling issues.
  • Tweak: Can now interact with firepits while having a torch or pot in hands
  • Tweak: Firepit now reduces the font size for the cooking recipe text if necessary
  • Tweak: On world creation, the game now tries to avoid spawning players above 75% of world height
  • Tweak: Snappier, crunchier gravel step sound
  • Tweak: Server repair mode will now regenerate corrupted chunks, should they ever appear
  • Fixed: Might fix UI rendering issues on MacOS M1 chips
  • Fixed: Lowest liquid level no longer flowing downwards
  • Fixed: Cascade bomb explosion did not destroy the bomb but dropped an item
  • Fixed: Itemstack tooltip flicker every second in the handbook
  • Fixed: Missing hotkey symbol in the flint tooltip
  • Fixed: Game crashing on invalid hotkeys (e.g. when using russian translations)
  • Fixed: Loose stones poke holes in lava lakes during worldgen
  • Fixed: Hitting 'H' while hovering water bowl opened the page on the honey bowl
  • Fixed: Fish trying to jump back into water throwing an exception on the server
  • Fixed: Visible seams between some blocks
  • Fixed: Weird interactions with rush matting
  • Fixed: Own step sound not playing at the player but at the step location
  • Fixed: Seraph voices missing in some cases
  • Fixed: Might fix missing libsztd dll error in some instances
  • Fixed: Buggy lamellar armor repair
  • Fixed: Macro editor did not prevent duplicate macro names, causing undefined behavior
  • Fixed: Bamboo hat recipes no longer conflict with bamboo roof ridge recipe.
  • Fixed: Game crash when trying to repair gamboised helmets
  • Fixed: Waterlogging issues with ruins generated underwater
  • Api Refactor: Renamed IWorldChunk.Blocks to IWorldChunk.Data. IWorldChunk.Blocks still exists but is obsolete now.
  • Api Tweak: Added new "Quantity" field to crushing properties to allow for fractional values.
  • Api fixed: TreeAttribute.Clone() caused ItemstackAttribute values to loose its resolved Block/Item
  • Api Refactor: Large refactor of the API methods for setting liquids. The default GetBlock() is no longer obsolete. Sorry modders this liquid layer stuff is all new tech so please bear with us while we work out kinks in the api, even though we are in a release candidate already. On the bright side, the block layer related API methods should be much more intuitive now.
  • Api Refactor: ChunkDataLayer code (See also pinned discord post in #mods)



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