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Copper deposits

Fredrik Blomquist

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Is there some change to how ores are spawned? I recently started playing a new world. I have some settings i like, i set tree sapling growth rate to extremely slow, i set soil affected by gravety, and 30 days a month. Otherwise i go with standard. I checked to make sure, surface copper ore deposits are set to rare, and surface tin to extremely rare. 

Usually copper deposits are found all around, and at least 10-20 close to the base. This time i really had to search. This far i only found two - one surface for sure, and one in a cravice, exposed from the air but no surface copper, that might have to do with the fact that the cravice was filled with water though. This far looked more carfully around 4000 x 4000 blocks. There might be some surface copper there i haven't spotted yet, but still, this is much less than i'm used to. I'm in a basalt field, that might have to do with it, but i can't find anything about copper being rarer in basalt in any of the wiki pages. I have started looking in nearby areas of shale and limestone, but just started, so it might just be bad luck i haven't found anything there, i know the limestone contains casserite instead.

Is it just bad luck or something else?



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