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How to get tapestries for creative mode building ?


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Not sure if I'm missing something obvious or not, but I've been looking for tapestries in the creative menu and not seeing them. I want some tapestries on the walls of something I'm building. Can I spawn them in (and if so, how) ? My only other idea is to go into spectator mode and look for ruins with tapestries, but I feel like that would take a pretty long time. Or spawn in a bunch of artisan traders and give myself gears, maybe.

Would be great if there's a more straightforward way to do it, though...

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No, you're not missing anything.

Maybe they're left out because they give away Lore? (Don't know).

In any case, they're not directly on the Creative menu tabs.

As you suspected, the closest that you have in the Creative menu tabs is to spawn in a merchant under the "Creatures" tab and then trade with them.

Use a command to move forward three days to refill their shop:



You might be able to use the Give Item command, if you knew how to describe it:


List of Tapestry names here: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Tapestry


Tapestry classes are here:


string[][] tapestryGroups = new string[][]
new string[] { "rot1" },
new string[] { "rot2" },
new string[] { "rot3" },
new string[] { "holy1", "schematic-c1", "schematic-c-bloody1", "forlorn1" },
new string[] { "holy2", "schematic-c2", "schematic-c-bloody2", "forlorn2" },
new string[] { "salvation11", "schematic-a11", "schematic-b11", "schematic-d11", "rotbeast11", "blackguard11" },
new string[] { "salvation12", "schematic-a12", "schematic-b12", "schematic-d12", "rotbeast12", "blackguard12" },
new string[] { "salvation21", "schematic-a21", "schematic-b21", "schematic-d21", "rotbeast21", "blackguard21" },
new string[] { "salvation22", "schematic-a22", "schematic-b22", "schematic-d22", "rotbeast22", "blackguard22" },


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