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[US-EAST] Doomland Real-Time server Port: 51538


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Hello Everyone, I am updating the information for my server with a new post. Doomland is a long-term real-time server. 1 hour in game is 1 hour in real life. That means the days take 24 hours to complete. Months are 30 days long, so may not exactly align with the current date. The time zone is based is US Eastern Time. Times have been adjusted for most things so that the max time most processes take is between 7-14(Animal pregnancy, trees, ect) days so that most things are achievable within weeks/months instead of years. We use only mods that have been created by our community.

Bunny's Server Utilities adds teleport commands. /spawn /home /back /tpt (teleport to) /grtp (group random teleport) and more.

We love to take the input of the community to try to improve the server. I am also interested in working with others to learn and teach as much as possible about modding. The idea is for this server to only have mods developed by our players. 

Processes that take real time include bloomery, charcoal, steel furnace, agriculture, barrel ripening, fruit pressing, animal rearing, ect

The world has been open for just over 3 months.

Please post here with any questions about our real-time server and I'll do my best to answer!

IP Address: Port: 51538

Discord: https://discord.gg/5y6KDZdH5K

Server Side Mods:

Bunny's server Utilities


  • Extra Juice
  • Just Light Jars
  • Calendars
  • Roadworks
  • More Door
  • Craftable Static Translocators
  • Legendary Mobs
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