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Luring animals with troughs, a question about distances.

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So after a long and arduous time looking for animals to domesticate, I hit something of a motherlode and found a significant flock of both pigs and goats in the same place... Except it's about 200-300 tiles away from my established base/home and I really don't want to move to a new place.

I have penned them all in, but going back and forth is a hassle. I tried to 'lure' them by bashing the male and having them chase after me through a corridor, but that has led me to get stomped more often than not when I get stuck on a bit of fence.

I also read that troughs are a way to lure animals, but I was wondering how big the luring range is of a filled trough, so that i have a reasonable idea of how long and how much it will take me to finally get the animals home so I can start domestication proper.

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