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Modded performance issues SP


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When I played the game quite a bit earlier this year, I found that saves would progressively become more and more unplayable the older (more explored maybe?) the world got. Lag, slowdown, rubberbanding, chiselling went really strange. I never managed to figure out if an individual mod was responsible for this, if it was just too many mods, if it could even be some of the memory issues that were mentioned as fixed/improved in the recent updates. Are/were there any mods known to cause these issues, have they been fixed if so? Or is there any general advice that could help me? I would like to play again soon so am hoping to plan which mods I want :)

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BLUF: Reduce your view distance. Check other FPS hogs and see which you can live without.


Kind of the nature of the beast. If you are a hard-core explorer using a large view distance, you can end up with default Survival worlds a gig or larger in the first month. Singleplayer. It takes a decent SSD to deal with that kind of load.

If that's limiting you, and you can't spring for a better SSD, you can cut view distance back to restore some snappiness.

Another possibility is RAM. If mods create lots of blocks, those have to be loaded somewhere to be rendered. And, of course, each different type of chiseled block has to be loaded somewhere in order to be rendered, too. The less RAM, the more things need to get swapped out. It's eye-opening to review real-time graphs of SSD use and see how mods and playstyle affect the amount of swapping.

Translocators can also be hogs if you are being moved to a different biome and it has to swap out all the snow and larch for desert or jungle or savannah. So long as you are playing default, where translocators are all underground, the system has time to swap those out and it's not as obvious. But with mods that have above-ground translocators, the system may have to swap pretty much every block in your entire view distance all at once. That lag will be noticeable on pretty much any system, sometimes revealing the cavern structure of the region you are bouncing to.

Even if you are sparing with chiseling, there are mods which are not which will tax your system, particularly with high view distances. While a one-off chiseled block in a chunk you can't view may not take any RAM, if that block is anywhere in your field of view, it will. 

Sprinting can also cause problems as it makes the rendering work harder, plus, it may be running mapgen at the same time. It takes a pretty good system to deal with sprinting with view distances of 768, or even 512. With some systems, you might have to drop below 256.

And check on graphics settings. They helpfully tell you which are the major hogs. Figure out which are essential to your desired game experience, and which are nice to have.

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