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Q: Heal over time by JSON patch?

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Is it possible to change or enable heal-over-time using a json patch, or would that require a code mod? I was under the impression that the player did heal over time in previous versions, but I may remember that wrong.

The reason I'm asking is because I tried to remove the healing properties from all food items, and despite waiting several ingame days, the ratio of actual to possible HP didn't change noticeably. Of course total possible HP changes depending on nutrition levels, so it's a bit hard to tell, but the gap doesn't appear to close, judging by the player's health bar.




The patch I'm using isn't perfect though, as there are still some items left that give HP – namely Saguaro, Cabbage, and Honey Bowls; I wonder whether I really have to specify every single item individually, or what else I may be missing:

  { file: "game:itemtypes/food/vegetable", op: "replace", path: "/nutritionPropsByType/*/health", value: 0.0},
  { file: "game:itemtypes/food/redmeat", op: "replace", path: "/nutritionPropsByType/redmeat-vintage/health", value: 0.0},
  { file: "game:itemtypes/food/fruit", op: "replace", path: "/nutritionPropsByType/*/health", value: 0.0}

I'd prefer to be able to specify /nutritionPropsByType/*- for every food itemtype there is, but some don't have a 'health' key and produce errors; for example redmeat

  { file: "game:itemtypes/food/redmeat", op: "replace", path: "/nutritionPropsByType/*/health", value: 0.0}

doesn't work because two (*-raw and *-cooked) of the three items don't provide health. Similar for fish and poultry.

It would be really helpful to have some kind of "replace-or-ignore-if-nonexistent", unless there is and I'm just blind? Especially as it would allow the patch to automatically cover new items if/when they are added, be it by vanilla or other mods.

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Yea, there's currently no heal-over-time in the game. You would need to do some programming to achieve that. I was actually thinking about that recently. We might add H-o-t to the vanilla game for v1.10 or v1.11

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