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  1. PM sent. Personally I think it's interesting to have both crash and no-crash files side-by-side and see where they diverge, but that's about it from my part : )
  2. Would it help if I'd PM you strace runs of a failed and a successful launch for comparison? I have reinstalled basically everything from the X server over Mesa, Xfce, Mono, down to gcc and glibc, and still haven't found any clue as to what might be causing it. I suspect it's not a library or other software dependency issue per se, but rather some silly configuration setting that has changed during some update, but again, I have no idea. I'll keep looking and reporting back if anything changes.
  3. That's why I was wondering – even hyenas and raccoons have baby versions in the game (and the corresponding AI for reproduction), and I'd think foxes would be a much more popular choice for pets than at least hyenas...
  4. ...and I don't mean "like everybody else, using arithmetics" ; ) Every animal_female.json has a behaviour "multiply", except foxes. Every animal has a "baby" variant, except foxes. Is that an accidental oversight, or intentional omission?
  5. Hey, for a first impression I wouldn't recommend any mods, just get a feel for the game itself. Once you feel comfortable with how it works, you'll likely have some ideas what you'd like to change, or even if you want anything to change at all. There's a mod section on the forum where you can find other people's creations, just see for yourself. I have started using mods after maybe a hundred hours into the game, and now play a lightly modded version, with the excellent Carry Capacity and Stone Hoe mods, and a few of my own tweaks.
  6. Is it possible to change or enable heal-over-time using a json patch, or would that require a code mod? I was under the impression that the player did heal over time in previous versions, but I may remember that wrong. The reason I'm asking is because I tried to remove the healing properties from all food items, and despite waiting several ingame days, the ratio of actual to possible HP didn't change noticeably. Of course total possible HP changes depending on nutrition levels, so it's a bit hard to tell, but the gap doesn't appear to close, judging by the player's health bar. The patch I'm using isn't perfect though, as there are still some items left that give HP – namely Saguaro, Cabbage, and Honey Bowls; I wonder whether I really have to specify every single item individually, or what else I may be missing: [ { file: "game:itemtypes/food/vegetable", op: "replace", path: "/nutritionPropsByType/*/health", value: 0.0}, { file: "game:itemtypes/food/redmeat", op: "replace", path: "/nutritionPropsByType/redmeat-vintage/health", value: 0.0}, { file: "game:itemtypes/food/fruit", op: "replace", path: "/nutritionPropsByType/*/health", value: 0.0} ] I'd prefer to be able to specify /nutritionPropsByType/*- for every food itemtype there is, but some don't have a 'health' key and produce errors; for example redmeat { file: "game:itemtypes/food/redmeat", op: "replace", path: "/nutritionPropsByType/*/health", value: 0.0} doesn't work because two (*-raw and *-cooked) of the three items don't provide health. Similar for fish and poultry. It would be really helpful to have some kind of "replace-or-ignore-if-nonexistent", unless there is and I'm just blind? Especially as it would allow the patch to automatically cover new items if/when they are added, be it by vanilla or other mods.
  7. Well, that was quick. $ /usr/bin/mono Vintagestory.exe 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Client logger started. 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Game Version: v1.9.12 (Stable) 12:09:38 [Client Debug] Creating game window with window mode Fullscreen 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Graphics Card Vendor: X.Org 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Graphics Card Version: 4.5 (Core Profile) Mesa 19.1.1 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Graphics Card Renderer: Radeon RX 580 Series (POLARIS10, DRM 3.30.0, 5.1.16-gentoo, LLVM 7.1.0) 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Graphics Card ShadingLanguageVersion: 4.50 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Cairo Graphics Version: 1.16.0 12:09:38 [Client Notification] OpenAL Version: 1.1 ALSOFT 1.19.1 12:09:38 [Client Notification] C# Framework: Mono (tarball Fri Jul 5 11:42:48 CEST 2019) 12:09:38 [Client Notification] OpenTK Version: 3.1.0 (A set of fast, low-level C# bindings for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenAL. Unofficial fork by AnegoStudios.) 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Start discovering assets 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 0 base assets in category blocktypes 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 0 base assets in category itemtypes 12:09:38 [Client Notification] (Re-)loaded frame buffers 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 7 base assets in category lang 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 0 base assets in category journal 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 0 base assets in category patches 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 1 base assets in category config 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 0 base assets in category worldproperties 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 30 base assets in category sounds 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 2 base assets in category shapes 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 70 base assets in category shaders 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 11 base assets in category shaderincludes 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 58 base assets in category textures 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 5 base assets in category music 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 0 base assets in category dialog 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Found 184 base assets in total 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Loading sounds 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Loaded Shaderprogramm for render pass . 12:09:38 [Client Notification] CPU Cores: 16 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Window was resized to 1280 850, rebuilding framebuffers... 12:09:38 [Client Notification] (Re-)loaded frame buffers 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Window was resized to 1920 1200, rebuilding framebuffers... 12:09:38 [Client Notification] (Re-)loaded frame buffers X Error of failed request: BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter) Major opcode of failed request: 17 (X_GetAtomName) Atom id in failed request: 0x0 Serial number of failed request: 23 Current serial number in output stream: 23 Mono version doesn't make a difference. What I find interesting here, and didn't notice before (certainly was there before, just didn't pay attention), is this part: 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Window was resized to 1280 850, rebuilding framebuffers... 12:09:38 [Client Notification] (Re-)loaded frame buffers 12:09:38 [Client Notification] Window was resized to 1920 1200, rebuilding framebuffers... 12:09:38 [Client Notification] (Re-)loaded frame buffers where it changes the screen resolution to the values in clientsettings.json; so it does read the config and applies at least part of the settings, but apparently struggles with something that doesn't happen when it has to generate a fresh default... PS.: However, if I delete clientsettings, run VS, pass authentication, and immediately exit from the main menu without changing anything, it crashes again on the next start.
  8. And v1.8 and v1.9 crashes with the same error as above? The first time the problem appeared was when I installed 1.9.12, after I hadn't been playing for a while. The last time before that was with 1.7.8, which I have kept around since then. So naturally I tried running 1.7.8, which worked as expected back then, but now shows the same behaviour as 1.9.12. I have never installed 1.8.anything, but I'd be surprised if it would behave any different than 1.7 and 1.9. I can only repeat, as I stated in my first post, that this isn't an issue that only started with a new version of VintageStory, but after a long while not playing, and now happening on the old 1.7.8 install as well as the latest 1.9.12. I only didn't notice it in the meantime simply because I didn't try to run VS in between 1.7.8 and 1.9.12. So again, it's not something that has changed in VS, but in some system library, or possibly Mono which went from to over the course of that half year or so. I have just finished downgrading Mono back to (.179 isn't available to me anymore), and will test and report back when I have results. It would be helpful insofar as to figure out what part of the software chain is to blame. I can't simply install all of the other Linux distros out there, to see if the error even happens on any of them. Without as much as a hint of what part of the software chain might be responsible, this sounds like an utterly futile attempt. It might make sense if it were a hardware related issue, just to see if the error happens no matter what, but I don't see that as a likely cause, since it is reliably reproducible on my end, and all hardware tests I ran indicate no faults. Not trying to be a pain in the ass, but I'm fishing in the dark here. OK, off to do some more testing...
  9. But the thing is, with no clientsettings.json, it doesn't crash at all. Yes, it throws that BadAtom error message, but then continues just fine. I can play existing worlds migrated from 1.7, and create new ones, and don't have a single crash even if I play for hours at a time. I did have a crash or two, but those only happened when I pushed settings to the limit; while ideally that shouldn't result in crashes, they were at least not entirely unexpected. Certainly a lot has changed in my system in the six or eight months since I last played, from the kernel I use, to various libraries; but that is really no different than a Windows or MacOs system receiving system updates. I don't think testing with any other Linux distro is going to be helpful without at least some indication of what might be happening. If it were a more common issue, some of the other Linux users here would probably have said something already. I will certainly continue to try and test a few other things, first step will be reverting to an earlier version of Mono; good thing I posted my earlier setup in the Linux distros thread .)
  10. Corax

    Disappearing Crops

    Thanks for getting back on this, you're probably right – I found a few of the buggers, I just didn't think they were that devastating at first. Time for some rabbit stew.
  11. I'm on 64 bit Gentoo GNU/Linux, with a Ryzen 1800X CPU and a Radeon RX580 GPU, let me know if you need some more specific info. If I were to guess, the BadAtom isn't the real issue here, since it also happens when I delete the config and the game runs fine after, interestingly with a lot more verbose output. I'd assume the issue to be somewhere *around* the code where this happens (sounds like something mouse driver related, but mouse doesn't appear to be impaired in any way). It's as if some part of reading the config file doesn't get called, the launcher works just fine. In other words, BadAtom might indicate the approximate location in the code, but not be the problem in and of itself. I have tried removing sections of the config to see if anything specific causes the problem, but it appears it's a case of either–or, if there's a config file there, whatever (valid JSON syntax) is in it, the launcher crashes. If there is no config file, it still complains about the BadAtom but continues fine afterwards – and generates a default config, which makes the launcher crash on the next run... On a side note, I have noticed there are a few control settings that can only be adjusted after the game has loaded into a world at least once, namely the keys for the journal and the in-game handbook (default keys "j" and "h"). There may be others, but those are the ones I always need to change since I use IJKL instead of WASD, and those are either conflicting or too close by for comfort.
  12. Heya, I'm having an issue with the game not starting properly in some instances. With a freshly extracted copy, the game starts, prompts for the account info, and continues on to the main menu, just as expected. However, after that initial run, the game aborts before it reaches the menu (or the login screen for that matter). Deleting/renaming the ~/.config/VintagestoryData/ directory made it start again, just like the initial run, with the login prompt first, then proceeding to the main menu. I've narrowed it down to just deleting ~/.config/VintagestoryData/clientsettings.json; none of the other files in that directory seem to make a difference. The file itself is generated correctly, as far as I can tell, and has read/write permissions, so there shouldn't be a problem there. The issue happens with the latest 1.9.12, but it also happens with an old install I had for 1.7.8 which worked just fine before; I hadn't played in the meantime, so I suspect some system update might have changed some library (after all, it's been almost a year since). As such I don't want to report it as a bug with Vintage Story, but give you a heads up that there is a compatibility issue with my specific install. I can play the game if I delete the settings file and log in every time, which is annoying, but something I can live with if I don't find a solution. If anybody has an idea as to what might cause it, I'm open for suggestions. In the meantime, I'll try and find a proper solution, and I'll keep you posted if anything changes. Here's a console log of a failed run: And here's one of a successful launch; note the same BadAtom error happens here, too, but the game continues after that:
  13. Corax

    Disappearing Crops

    Does ambient temperature play a role in crop growth? I just now had an entire field of freshly planted rice disappear in a fresh 1.9.12 world. I had some more seeds, so I replanted and went away for other tasks. When I returned, one of the planted plots no longer had rice on it, but instead a seed bag. In retrospect I'm fairly certain that's what happened with the first batch, only I didn't notice in time, and so the seeds despawned. The area I'm in has lots of clay and peat, sparse birch trees, and generally appears to be quite cold–there are a few snow patches on some of the hills, which aren't anything bigger than mounds of maybe ten or twenty metres tall.
  14. Thank you so very much for sharing your experiences with us! I really enjoy your videos – I don't have an account there, so I can't subscribe or comment, but be assured, I look forward to every new episode.
  15. It seems the stream writing exception only occurs if/when the client is stopped directly from the console it is running in using CTRL-C, regardless of whether it has crashed or not. Killing it from another terminal ( 'kill -9 $(pidof mono)' ) causes it to terminate without throwing an exception. The actual crash has to happen somewhere else entirely, and it doesn't seem to leave any trace in the logs; spending much effort in tracking down that write exception is likely following a false trail.
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