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  1. @ZigTheHedgeyes, I just found out how to do that from VS discord. But if I'm on a server than wouldn't it still be a problem? Wouldn't the server have to disable it?
  2. My base is in a jungle, I always make my base in a jungle, I hate snow, and, of course, there are lots of vines. Being able to climb vines can be handy, but the fact that you automatically climb vines is very annoying if you have a base in a jungle. You can hardly walk 3 blocks without going up a vine. Can this be fixed? Please?
  3. I have a water wheel question. Are they really suppose to break so easily? Irl they would probably only need repair after a year or so. It seems they break too easily in VS.
  4. Looks like a normal day in early June where I live, central Florida. I had to convert the temp, about 84.5 F which isn't that hot here. (I find heat is very relative) Humidity would be bad if there was no breeze, but a strong breeze makes it a decent day. A perfect day to go swimming. So, very warm, but the breeze makes it a good day for a tropical climate. No overheating at that temp. but maybe a sunburn if you aren't careful. Mid summer here is 95F or 35C and the humidity would be 95%, but there is almost always a breeze, since we have oceans on both sides.
  5. Are there any recipes with cheese or milk?
  6. Yes, I forgot that F brings up a menu with different options, on of which is being able to turn your project. I may have posted this in the wrong place. But thanks for your answer.
  7. I used to be able to turn chiseled blocks that had been put down. I haven't used the mod for a while and now I can't. I've tried every key combination I can think of. How do you turn chiseled blocks?
  8. Thanks so much for adding the vegetarian options. It means a lot to me.
  9. I love your ideas, but have a few questions. Why is there meat in the trail mix? A few of us are vegetarian irl, and, for some reason unimaginable to folks that aren't vegetarian, would like to keep that option in game. So trail mix without meat please. And sushi with just soy and veggies too. More options with soy, it can't be combined with grains, never been able to figure that one out. You could make Khitchri, a staple Indian meal, soy, (they use lentils) rice and veggies. And since soy has as much, or more, protein as meat, it should give the same health points. Just a sugg
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