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  1. A meteor likely existed on the server at the time that the mod was removed. The entity is removed from the play session but I suppose still exists on the save file. It shouldn't cause problems. Maybe a serverside wipe of entities will eliminate the error or some targeted removal of that particular entity. That might need the mod installed... I don't know for sure. Just installing it again and waiting for it to blow up might be enough.
  2. @UGB76765Mostly just wanted to have assets of my own to work with that I could use to expand upon the mod. There's more in the works ^.^ @moraisulYou should be able to get shards just by breaking the crystals with anything. If those were tiny crystals it's quite possible you just got unlucky... the drop chance is very low with those ones
  3. Item Lights Candle, why won’t you light my path at night? You glow with fire and yet I stumble around in the darkness… Item Lights is a mod that aims to address an odd inconsistency in Vintage Story. Unlike blocks, items cannot emit light when held in hand or tossed on the ground. This means that a lit candle won’t light up the area, while a torch will. This mod gives items the same illumination capabilities as blocks have. Candles, Temporal Gears, and the creative Wand are now light sources with Item Lights. For Modders Your mods can take advantage of thi
  4. I think the problem is that the number 525600 is just so excessively large that, when converted to milliseconds, the number is just too large to fit in an integer or double. It turns that number into a negative and thus, the spawner will always spawn meteors indefinitely. With a little reworking I THINK I can fix it to work. I'll see what I can do-but for now, you could dial back the maximum minutes to avoid the problem.
  5. "Destructive": true, is what you'll want for the destructive option
  6. It's possible that the value changed in the config is invalid. A new config is generated in such a case to avoid further problems with the mod. Could you post your config file contents so that I can diagnose?
  7. Not terribly likely unless your base is pretty large in scale but, you know, it'd be bound to happen eventually with the right amount of bad luck. The hobbit hole of a base I've been playing in with my partner has only had one close call, a meteor exploded maybe 20 blocks directly above it. 30 hours of play maybe? @Lisabet mentioned in the discord yesterday that in maybe 50 hours of play on their current world their base hadn't been hit. *Knocks on wood* x3
  8. They'll still spawn ^.^ They may go out of audio or render distance much more quickly if the world height is significantly higher. They may even start that way, but would still be doing their thing and may move into range given the proper trajectory.
  9. @infinitetech Wow, there are some wonderful ideas here, thank you! I do want to expand the mod with more goodies. I'd love to implement many of these if I find the time =o
  10. Yep! I've just updated the main post with that information. Awesome idea, thanks.
  11. Ore Crystals v1.2.2 tweaks ore generation slightly such that crystals won't spawn in the underground lakes that appear in the newest Vintage Story release, 1.14.3. That's all, nothing fancy. It shouldn't behave any differently on the prior game versions.
  12. Have you been using the latest version of the mod and not having them appear? The version released yesterday?
  13. My partner and I have come across the same issue where the cooking pot won't accept food items for cooking and did a little digging(heh) to see if I can help find the root(heheh) cause and I maaaay have found something in my client-debug log. I can't be sure how relevant it might be but I'm going to throw it out there just in case that it does help. I saved two text files, one from the original 0.55 release and one from the alternative version where the cooking pot works. Original: WildfarmingOriginalDebug.txt Alternative: WildfarmingAltDebug.txt I noticed that an
  14. @Streetwind@l33tmaan@Godogma Stealthy rogue-like meteors have been banned from this mod now, and should properly announce their presence on atmosphere entry with version 1.0.4 x3 I've also completely changed the streaking sound to something less creeper-like. Yea... it sounded silly. This hiss is drastically toned down and a hearty rumble dominates things now, I will never go back... All sounds have been given a little more depth to them and are now directional. Should be easier to find them! I also fixed a crash that was related to particles when meteors would explode.
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