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  1. I'd forgotten to change the output count for the bark grid recipe with the addition of config values. The bark recipe output will now respect the BarkPerLog config variable.
  2. Ancient Tools has been updated, and users can now configure the mod to their own needs. Some config options are now available and, when this version is loaded for the first time, will create an 'AncientToolsConfig' file in the ModConfig folder found here: C:\Users\{your name}\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig Options include: The ability to disable salves and bark bread, Mortar grinding time, adze stripping time and salve mixing time can be tweaked, Mortar output count can be increased, Bark count gained per log can be increased or decreased If anything goes wrong with the config file and causes issues, simply delete the file and the mod will generate a new one when it launches again.
  3. Probably could do something like that, yea. I'm most worried about them becoming too easy to find. Maybe implementing that but having it turned off by default would be the way to go. Players could choose to turn it on via a config option if desired.
  4. Just some minor fixes, really Bark basket names are properly displayed immediately after crafting, salve containers with beeswax now display the tooltip properly, fixed a thing where bark and beeswax could be put together in the salve to create bark oil, instead of bark and fat, and salve containers now have contextual world interaction information
  5. I can't seem to replicate either issue in a creative world with only Ancient Tools installed, unfortunately =/. If it's not too much trouble, could you load up only Ancient Tools and vanilla mods into a creative world as well and try to attempt those actions that aren't working? If it does work, then there's likely a mod conflict somewhere. I'd like to know which mods you're using in that case to try and track it down. If it does not work, then I'd need to have a look at some of your log files to see if an error occurs someplace. For Windows PCs these would be located at /AppData/Roaming/VintagestoryData/Logs. I'd probably need server-main, client-main, server-debug and client-debug
  6. A cooking pot first needs to be converted into an empty salve container before it will take any salve ingredients. This can be done by sneaking then right clicking a placed cooking pot with any salve ingredient(birch/pine bark, fat, beeswax). Or, you can craft a cooking pot together with a birch/pine bark to get an empty salve container. With an empty salve container placed on the ground, you can then right click to load up the container with birch/pine bark and fat. A second salve container will need to be filled with beeswax. The tooltip will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient is needed, then will convert into a separate block when filled that can be picked up and cooked on a fire pit. After each is cooked, place one on the ground and hold the other in hand. You can sneak and right click while looking at the placed container to pour one into the other, then you should get your finished salve ^.^ If the localization issue you're mentioning is the basket name not appearing properly after crafting, that'll be fixed in the next update. Thanks for reporting!
  7. It's crafted in the crafting grid by placing raw meat between two pieces of salt, vertically
  8. Here's a little bugfix update for you all. Some minor stuff that should make life with the mod a little easier~
  9. A much requested tool in the Vintage Story Discord now makes an appearance in Ancient Tools! The adze, a tool used to strip bark from trees and shape wood into various forms. This tool can be knapped, smithed and smelted just like other tools in the game and used on trees to peel off its bark, leaving a stripped version of the wood behind. The bark itself has many various uses that will be detailed in the spoiler below. Have fun stripping, I know I will~
  10. You're welcome ^.^ I'd love to see something like that, too... even more extreme weather phenomena seems like it'd be a cool addition to the game. I'd love to revisit some things in this mod at some point, like implement atmospheric meteor showers that last for an extended period of time, and make it possible for meteors made of rocks that don't exist in the VS worldgen to spawn. Beyond that it's all 'I hope to see it some day!'
  11. Naah, that's still by design. It's quite rare that a meteor will hit the ground and make a crater with the default settings. If you're wanting to see them hit the ground more often then you'd want to increase the min and max meteor lifespan config options.They only ever drop resources when they hit the ground, too.
  12. Emergency patch to fix a crash when breaking a block behind a crystal. Deleted a line of code I shouldn't have, sorry.
  13. This latest update to Ore Crystals for version 1.3.3 brings a whole bunch more bug fixes. @DancingHoskuldCrystal locusts will no longer attack players with passive/never hostile modes enabled. Hearts won't get angry in never hostile mode. @ruggbeanThe crashes related to low durability tools being used to break crystals should be gone now. @LisabetThe crash you had with obelisks should now be properly fixed, and quartz crystal seeds should be craftable. Chisels and pickaxes should now take proper durability damage on obelisk breaks. Thanks to everyone for bringing these issues to my attention! I still couldn't find the issue with some crystals not illuminating... I had read something about lights not showing at higher elevations in the world, but haven't confirmed that. I'd imagine this would be more prominent in worlds with a higher world build limit.
  14. Ancient Tools now brings curing racks to Vintage Story! Curing racks are extendable blocks that can be placed upon solid surfaces or elevated if they have appropriate support on either side. Curing hooks can be crafted from bone and attached to the rack. Salt up some redmeat/poultry/bushmeat in the crafting grid to create salted meat and hang them on the rack until they cure. Make sure you have a controlled environment, though! Meat can still spoil...it's best to set these up in a cellar.
  15. Oh sorry, I wasn't aware of this. I'll look into having them respect that setting in an update. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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