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  1. baba

    Survival shelter

    thanks its really cool that this game allows you to stack certain stuff like that here are some rooms that i missed roof
  2. cool its finally here what does animal weight mean btw? i dont think it was there before does it mean the animal dies if you dont feed it or something? the animals i gave food had their weight as good but the others had low
  3. baba

    Survival shelter

    thanks I based this on a shelter I made in minecraft
  4. baba

    Survival shelter

    This is what is used to look like. It used to be mostly outdoors I still gotta work on the smithy.
  5. baba

    Survival shelter

    This is the base I have made so far.
  6. baba

    Windmill facing

    That would be cool if they added changing wind direction. The wind is so powerful right now it can somehow even affect the fireplace in my house.
  7. baba


    I think what would make this worth it is if you could stack a few of these
  8. baba

    Windmill facing

    I get that but what I wanna know is how a real windmill would be facing in regards to the wind direction. Its weird but it bothers me if its not in the right direction. I dunno much about windmills but I faced mined in the direction of the wind. I like realism so I would prefer it worked realistically in the future versions. Like you get a lower speed if its not in the right direction.
  9. baba

    Windmill facing

    they do so that means the wind goes in one direction? So realistically what direction should the windmill be facing? It should be facing the wind or not?
  10. baba

    How does taming work?

    That is useful info yes. I have killed off all my old generation because I could not keep feeding them. Now I have a lot of meat thats probably gonna go to waste though.
  11. baba

    How does taming work?

    I don't even have a single gen 1 male rooster for some reason. Cool would be nice to know how it works.
  12. I see that breeding the animals creates new generations but what is the right way to advance those generations? Should I kill off the old generations and only leave the latest ones? I have had chickens for a lot of in game days but they are still just on gen 2
  13. They were outside in a fenced area. I also put several oil lamps inside the area to keep it lit so it had a lot of light even during the night.
  14. I had made a backup right after I died so I was able to get back my sheep thankfully. I don't think it was dying that caused them to disappear as I made a backup right after I died but they were still there when I loaded the backup.
  15. After I died and came back to my base I noticed that the sheep that I captured had despawned. There were three of them and they were all gone. My chickens did not despawn though. Is this normal or a bug?
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