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  1. Happy to report that Aura Fury is one the most active servers out there. On busy nights we see between 13-18 players on at a time and on slow days we still have around 8 players on. Our discord voice chat has people on almost everyday as well and our text chat is very active. Come and join our friendly community!
  2. we will be updating to the newest version when it gets close to release
  3. I believe I responded to all of you, let me know if I missed anyone!
  4. To join the community please apply at https://aurafurygaming.com/index.php/join-us
  5. thanks for the quick fix on this! Fixed the issue for our server
  6. we have added the mods created by one of our server members: BetterCrates and ExtraChest We also added CarryCappcity, medievalexpansion and workbench-expansion. We will send the info to you once you have joined the community
  7. We are updating to 1.14 and will be adding a few mods per community request. Mod list will be updated once we do the big update in a couple days
  8. Server is live and currently has a decent player base, will still take a few more players if you are interested
  9. server launch is tomorrow at 7 PM EST! and welcome to all the new players who have joined us so far!
  10. To receive discord invite, please apply to the server
  11. Howdy all, our server is live and still taking new players. We are a friendly, grief free community with the majority of all players over the age of 18. Most of us are new to Vintage Story, but we have a couple veteran players. Most of us have been playing modded Minecraft (surprising huh? ). We all enjoy chatting and do play other games as well. We are looking for some friendly, mature players to join our community. Check out our website at aurafurygaming.com. Registering for the forums is not required (they are brand new), but is recommended. Apply to join the group by messaging me on t
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