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  1. Any mod that changes default stack sizes is going to cause a lot of issues eventually. I can't support or really even test this because it's possibly unrelated to my mod. Ideally if you're going to use mods that change stack sizes it should be in place at the beginning of a server not after it's already been live for a while. Unfortunately I've gotten away from VS modding for a few months now and my time to fix issues is limited. I'm only going to be able to fix issues that are directly related to my mod as is and not caused by interactions with other mods. If the mod that is changin
  2. I'm posting a new version now that will fix that.
  3. Please look at Known Issue #1 in the original post. You'll need to lower your GUI scale in the game options or move the inventory windows manually for the bigger chests. The GUI issue is something that can't be fixed with a content only mod.
  4. You need to have the mod updated to 1.2.5 before loading your world in 1.14.5 for the first time. Hopefully you have a backup of your world. Updating the mod after they're empty won't fix it.
  5. While all of your suggestions are possible, this mod doesn't include any code. It is a content only mod, which means it relies on the vanilla code for the chest mechanics. I will think about it in the future but right now I'm heavy into development of my next mod so I can't make any promises if/when it will happen. Thank you for your input.
  6. It sounds like you updated this mod after the issue presented itself. You need to update the mod before loading a world for the first time after updating from VS 1.14.2 to VS 1.14.3 or higher. Updating the mod after the world has loaded in and saved can't fix the problem unfortunately. If this is not the case then I'll look into it further, but I know of servers that have not had any issues with VS 1.14.5 and they're using either 1.2.4 or 1.2.5.
  7. I think some mods need to recompile for 1.14.3 so that's what I'm doing. Posting a new version 1.2.4 shortly. Will be 1.14.3 compatible only. This won't fix an already loaded world where the crates are empty. You need to have the mod updated before loading into 1.14.3 for the first time.
  8. Which "certain" chests? A popular server with a consistent 15+ people on it have been using this mod since 1.14 release and this is the first I've heard of this issue. Do you have other mods installed?
  9. Are you using the latest version? I haven't heard of anyone having this issue since I fixed a while back.
  10. You mean allow a meteoric iron plate to be used in place of an iron plate to make an Iron Chest? I guess I could add the recipe but it seems kind of wasteful. Unless someone is really having a hard time finding iron to make into steel and has lots of meteoric iron laying around.. I'll think about.
  11. It doesn't fit my view of upgrade progression properly for these so I've decided not to include it.
  12. Yeah, I was wondering when the question was going to be asked. Updated it just now.
  13. I updated the mod. Server and clients will need it. Should fix the issue with the crocks. Let me know if you are still having issues.
  14. In the mod zip file you would need to replace the 2 files under assets\extrachests\blocktypes with these two files: chests.jsonlabeledchests.json I changed these files to include the back carrying. I did not include back carrying by default because it's too powerful. If you are on a server the server needs to do the change as well. The server dictates the allowed behavior. Hope this helps!
  15. Thanks for the report. It appears that when a crock is fresh made in the firepit it doesn't have an attribute of "sealed" set yet. Once it's placed on the ground and picked back up it then has it. This doesn't mean its actually sealed it just has the info set to either true or false. So there is basically 2 kinds of crocks that a crate should allow: one's that are fresh made and never placed down/picked up, and ones that have been placed down/picked back up. That's why they aren't combining in a crate because the vanilla "equals" method sees one crock with the "sealed" attribute and one w
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