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  1. My issue with the water isn’t so much the color. Mine is actually a faint greenish color anyway in the pools and ponds of my hinterlands. No, my issue with vision is being able to see when the water is “flowing” downward which keeps my animals and I from getting out.
  2. Understood. In some ways it’s a bit like a repair ability (for now of course). Glad to know that. I know the game can be “finicky” sometimes (like when the trader wouldn’t take my bismuth bronze lantern in trade because it was made with clear quartz vs glass). thank you!
  3. Oh I don’t mind having to use resin early on, I mostly wanted to make sure I shouldn’t waste the time looking at my trees to check for such things each time a tree grows. Thanks all!
  4. I don’t. Just sand and gravel. And the mountain face was fairly sheer, so there was no avalanche that I did not create. I must have just been oblivious. Definitely need to be more observant. Thanks all!
  5. Torondor’s questions of the day #3: When creating armor that requires other armor as part of its base (chain requires leather jerkin, scale or plate requires chain, etc), does the base armor need to be undamaged with full durability? If not, how does the previously lost durability, say on my existing chain leggings, show up on my scale leggings created from those chain leggings?
  6. Torondor’s questions of the day #2: Can something be done about the strength of “flowing” water blocks? Or can they be more visible to the eye or more noticeable when fixed? “I created a “well” in my fort and I also had a pond in my pig pen. In both cases, the excavation of the second depth of block created such flowing water downward that my player could not climb out of the water and would have drowned if that were a mechanic in the game. Similarly my pigs got stuck in the pond and it took a great deal of effort to rescue them and fix the pond to just one block in depth.”
  7. Torondor’s questions of the day #1: Do specialty logs (leaking pine logs, pine/oak/maple/etc log with wild bee hive in it) have the chance of spawning in tree that the players grow from saplings, or are they purely formed during world generation?
  8. Thank you juna! I will start producing more skeps right away!
  9. The hides Into pelts? No. Just place an animal fat over a hide in your crafting area and it will provide you with an oiled hide I believe. Then you can put it anywhere (or keep it on you) and it will cure over time (it will show you the progression as it does). I placed mine into baskets and left them be while I did other things. (The process to make actual leather pieces is far more complex, being a 4 step process involving 3 barrels and several different processes.)
  10. Borax and lime are for making leather proper from hides. Pelts are basically time cured “oiled” hides using animal fat.
  11. What size pelt are you using? My issue was that I had made several small pelts with the intent of making hunter backpacks, and found that small pelts could not be used for that. Only medium or above.
  12. I will say that while charcoal burns to 1300, you needn’t use it over black or brown coal to heat your iron ingots or blooms to work on the anvil. 1100 degrees is sufficient for working those. Torondor
  13. So as my world entered its second year since generation, I headed north through a gap between two mountains I had often traversed. I previously had not noted either the native copper bits on the ground near the mountain, nor had I noted the copper ore vein in the basalt blocks making up the mountainside above me (about 5 blocks were exposed to air). So did I truly just miss this vein the entire first year, or did something happen and this just appeared after winter? (Perhaps the rains or snows exposed it?) Thank you for the help.
  14. Is there something special on how to harvest a skep? Or is the only way to do that to break it? So far I have always had to break mine. As a result I have had to make sure to propagate my skeps with new ones because when I break the existing ones to harvest them, they either lose the entire population in that instant, or else the population becomes an angry swarm and then vanishes after it tries to kill me. Help. I love the bees but I need that honey and wax.
  15. While I realize that this thread is old, I paid $17 USD in Sept. 2020 for the game. Given that it appears to be regularly updated and the modding community (which I have not yet even bothered exploring), I would easily have paid $25 for it. That said, I am someone who rarely takes on a new game so I can see how keeping it a bit lower makes it more appealing and accessible to people who are more varying in their gameplay and may not immerse themselves in every game they get. I can certainly say that I have already easily gotten my money’s worth out of it and am likely to donate via Patron once my move is complete and the new year begins. Thanks again!
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