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  1. Melidebby


    Does the devs plan on adding the game to the Steam store?
  2. I'm also curious If plants ever spread? If I plant a few lupines or forget me nots around my home will they ever spread?
  3. Yea I figured that out you just need 32 to make some charcoal
  4. Is 32 (full stack) the minimum amount of firewood needed to make charcoal? or do I have to burn more then just one stack?
  5. Melidebby


    I just took my ingot off the forge and placed it onto the anvil and I got a list of what I could make. I exited the menu without selecting anything and when I looked at the ingot cause I was gonna turn it to a saw it says Output: Copper arrowhead and I can't change it... I have to remelt down the ingot to remove the output..
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