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  1. Melidebby

    Oil Lamp

    Can you no longer just place Oil Lamps down on the ground? You also can no longer smelt ingots in a crucible?
  2. Yes but I'm mostly wondering If anyone has been able to keep meat from spoiling for over a year or more.
  3. Is there someway to build a root cellar so everything takes over a year or more to spoil?
  4. Melidebby


    Is overall the best metal to use for tools steel?
  5. Melidebby

    Pit Kiln

    thanks i was still having trouble understanding but i managed to figure it out
  6. Melidebby

    Pit Kiln

    How do you make it I've been trying for well over 30 mins and I can't get it made.
  7. Melidebby


    Is there a world editor like the MCEdit for Minecraft that can edit terrain outside of Creative mode? outside the game in general? Or am I stuck with switching to Creative mode and slowly tearing down a mountain block by block?
  8. Melidebby


    Is there a list of biomes?
  9. Melidebby


    oh says very common interesting cause i went a fair ways away and the rain stopped but it still says very common then i got another ways away and I found a spot that says Almost all the time so weird
  10. Melidebby


    Its been raining non-stop for 4 days... why?
  11. ah I see thanks and I guess it also affects mountain height
  12. What does this option do?
  13. Melidebby


    Does the devs plan on adding the game to the Steam store?
  14. I'm also curious If plants ever spread? If I plant a few lupines or forget me nots around my home will they ever spread?
  15. Yea I figured that out you just need 32 to make some charcoal
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