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  1. Wooyaaa, I don't think that you're going to be able to fully recover from the situation you're in. Block/Item ID's are assigned dynamically for each saved game (so, basically randomly when you generate a new world or add a mod), and if I remember correctly the saved games are SQL Lite or some such so there's not a lot I can do to help. So sorry. You *could* try putting the betterstairs mod back in, but I think this will just make things worse (unless the very last thing you did was remove it). I've heard of this happening to people a few times in the past (where block/item mapping beca
  2. It should be relatively easy to keep earthworms away from farmland in the interim. They can't climb at all (so even a simple 1 high block wall should keep them out) and do not spawn naturally, only when you pick up a rock or stick. And of course you can just pick them up if you happen to see one. It also takes quite a while for an earthworm to convert farmland into worm castings. Side note: I've made a number of changes to Primitive Survival to make it Carry Capacity friendly, so these sorts of issues seem...inevitable.
  3. I did not know the answer to either of those questions @Papa Cheese, but you had me curious so I tested it out. The results: I'm both happy and disappointed to report that no, you cannot use hoppers or chutes to remove fish from any of my traps. I was quite surprised that this didn't work (because they are all basic inventories much like a chest), and if it did it would have also removed fishing hooks, bait, and lures. You *might* consider using a similar technique (with chutes/hoppers/chests) to keep troughs full for some livestock (i.e. chickens) so that lots of chickens are readily av
  4. Hey now, quit playing around with the fish! I'm over on discord telling people that I'm pretty much done with fishing as they're proposing even more changes to it. Kidding aside, that sounds like a reasonably easy fix and a good idea, so I've added it to my to-do list. Thanks @l33tmaan!
  5. You might be right about being able to do it entirely with json Digitalr (or at least close to entirely). I only quickly looked over every related to firewood. Peat is an entirely different thing (it's got all of its own classes for some reason), but there's definitely a lot of similar code there. I wouldn't know for certain without diving in and trying to do it, and I tend to overthink things.
  6. Well I took a quick look, but it would take a LOT of work for me to make this functional. My recommendation is that work through the Programming and Game Objects sections of this page: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Main_Page ...and most everything before that if you haven't already. I'd also recommend that you look at some existing mods, lots of the source code can be found on github. In a nutshell, if you need to rewrite those classes, they'll all need new unique names, and will need to be properly registered. If you plan on using those vanilla classes as template
  7. IMO, adding mods at any time isn't much of a big deal. Never hurts to back up your saved game more often when doing so, but I've seen it done many many times on various Twitch streams without incident. Removing mods is a bit more problematic (for obvious reasons). In general, one could expect in game blocks to simply transform into white blocks with question marks, because those blocks were a part of a mod that no longer exists, and you could run around and break them because they are simply an eyesore. But some mods are more complicated than that - they add more than just content, so re
  8. Agreed. Most of the magic happens in firewoodpile.json, but it's associated classes "BlockFirewoodPile" and "FirewoodPile" are referencing an item that is simply called "firewood" (the item you're talking about). It would take some elbow grease to rework all of that into the variants you're after - those two classes would need to be tweaked, as well as firewood.json and firewoodpile.json. Doable for sure, but...
  9. Itemstacks = new ItemStack[] { new ItemStack(world.GetItem(new AssetLocation("paper")), }//item not found If that line above works with vanilla items, then prefix paper with your modid + : (look in your modinfo.json for your modid) and see if that fixes it...i.e. Itemstacks = new ItemStack[] { new ItemStack(world.GetItem(new AssetLocation("mymodid:paper")), }//item not found
  10. 1. Remove the space from your code. code: "woodenbeehive", 2. Put the class back in, this is where some of the "magic" happens: class: "BlockSkep", 3. You need the type variant group variantgroups: [ { code: "type", states: ["empty", "populated"] } ], This works in conjunction with the code to create your unique blocks...in this case woodenbeehive-empty woodenbeehive-populated You *probably* don't need the "side" variant group, that just handles rotation 4. Now that you've cleaned up your unique blocks, you can put the entity class back in. This is wher
  11. Sorry! But I thought that that was essentially what you were proposing. Half the fillets, double the satiety. Not trying to make your life difficult.
  12. Agreed. I think what I'm going to do is make it so that the fillets just always come in pairs. Change the display name from fillet to fillets and double the saturation again. That will make things the way they used to be from a cooking perspective. Thanks for your input! Edit: Not change the display name (because that might look weird in the recipes), but change the model so it looks like two fillets.
  13. I don't eat fish at all irl, and so I didn't know that when you fillet a fish you get 2 fillets, not 1. So I made that change and now I'm kinda regretting it!
  14. Side note: I've already moved several settings into a common configuration file for the next release, so that people can set things up however they like...and will probably continue to do so. I don't have the magic numbers!
  15. Oh I hear you @l33tmaan! In trying to maintain some semblance of balance with the vanilla game while at the same time taking advice from way too many people, I've made cooking with fish worse, not better. At the same time it's a bit unfair to compare a fillet to a berry, because a berry is actually a whole bunch of berries, while a single fish gives you 2,4, or even 8 fillets. In my mind, the solution at this point is to allow soup and stew recipes to accept way more fillets, so that a fish fillet meal can have much better satiety. Worth noting that a catfish meal can have pretty impressiv
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