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  1. Thank you for your reply Streetwind. It seems the tooltip needs to be worked on.
  2. gg Still seems to be a problem on 1.19.7. Though it does not appear to add moisture to the tilled land. I also accidentally emptied a bucket nearby on grass, and the spreading of the infinite water block all around it got on some of the crops, which I noticed that this did not add moisture to the tilled land either which would seem to be correct.
  3. Ha! That is an old movie reference! I've since upgraded to 1.19.7, and am in a new base much further south in a warmer biome. I accidentally poured a bucket of water on my base floor, and it reacted as expected of spreading outwards from an infinite water source. I'll have to try this again on tilled ground with a vegetable growing to see if the same thing happens as above.
  4. Hi Streetwind, My apologies for the delay with getting this. I ran south for many, many game days to avoid Winter a third time. Now with a new warmer base setup, and a new clay oven, I have the same results. The dough shows as charred even before you make it, and after. And all the bread, of the three types of grain I tried come out of the oven charred. Many screenshots showing this: This first batch of photos is making four spelt bread dough and bread. Tf I guess I missed the screenshot for these four spelt breads coming out of the oven. But you can see in the last picture in the next batch of screenshots, that these four, plus the one other spelt bread I made is all charred. This next batch of screenshots is making one each of spelt, sunflower, and flax dough, then bread:
  5. I went to go water my one and only cabbage plant, and accidentally used a bucket, and ended up with a infinite water block, above ground. This would seem like it should not be possible. On top of that it creates a loophole in farming game mechanics of not having to have a nearby in ground water source. The cabbage plant is still growing in this block of water. This is in version 1.19.5 installed via Flatpak on Manjaro XFCE Linux.
  6. Just to clarify, I am not baking the bread in the fire pit, and didn't actually know that was possible until after this forum post. And I usually make the dough away from the fire pit outside by the clay oven. Same result. And I stand and watch the cooking process and remove the bread as soon as it is done, so timing wise I don't know how I could get any faster to remove them. I've tried moving the clay oven and bread still comes out charred. Though pies come out fine. And yeah, I put wood in the clay oven, light the wood, let it burn, then put in the dough.
  7. Yup, you two are correct. I actually spoke too soon in my game as a new player. I have to assume the initial grind with primitive stone tech is intentional design to encourage upgrading to metal and better tools. Once I crafted the shears, scythe, and better metal pickaxes everything went much faster. I will now retract this suggestion.
  8. Hi Dra6o0n, Maybe, Though like you found out, every third party game selling platform takes their own cut. I chose to buy it direct as it was the least expensive option compared to Humble Bundle and Itch.io. And in theory supports the developers financially the best.
  9. Bulteer, I'm not OP, but I appreciate that information about putting the block in the crafting grid to set their orientation. Much like matapata I had to experiment to discover that where you place your cursor on the neighboring block dictates how it places. I actually ended up crafting a wrench to change the block orientation before I figured that out.
  10. That's interesting that you experienced that. I swear just last night I filled the forge with charcoal first, lit it, than added the ingot. Perhaps there are some bugs for the developers to work out like with the crates?
  11. Thank you for the explanation Streetwind. It is a shame that the wiki is volunteer updated only. As for sure, a lot the details and suggestions of how to use certain things that the handbook does not go into is helpful for me. Though I have seen items in the handbook without enough information. Ruined items is a good example.
  12. Hello Bumber, As a new player, I'm not sure that I've played enough to notice the Wiki it is not up to date besides dry, dirty, gravel not being listed. It does though explain in much more detail how to do things that the game Handbook does not go into. I've referenced the Wiki a lot as a new player, such that I would politely disagree that it is not very useful.
  13. Hi Thorfinn, I'm finding all of it grindy, but particularly stick harvesting, and reed, and now mining. Also, the time to fire pottery, make charcoal, use the bloomery, and bake bread in the clay oven. I figure in multiplayer with several players, and with each person doing something different to add to the overall progress, or combining in the same activity, things would go much quicker. This is an issue I've seen in other games that were intentionally designed to be multiplayer first, and then they tacked on a badly made singleplayer. A good real life example is, Ark: Survival Evolved. To make their official singleplayer version not anywhere near grindy, a lot of server config settings have to be changed to increase resource gathering, be able to non-destructively deconstruct building components, and decrease the time for things to happen, like taming a creature.
  14. Hello Streetwind! No mods. I am brand new player so trying to understand and play the game completely stock first. Tried it again last night, and made flax dough with the bucket, and it again showed as charred before it is even cooked. Screenshot attached.
  15. Thank you for your reply Gonnn. I suspected this might be case, though odd it is not documented anywhere. I have to assume this is basically muddy gravel that is dried out.
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