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  1. Found some bugs: 1) The game crashes if you accidentally right-click on screwpress with an item that can't be pressed. 2) Trying to open GUI of a barrel with oil in it also causes game to crash. 3) When cooking in a pot, temperature never raises higher than 200, so the food cooks awfully slow. 4) Some new foods refuse to stack in output slot of a firepit, so you need to constantly remove cooked food items to sustain the process. 5) Birch sap just EVAPORATES from sausepans.
  2. Okay, then I will look through textures to see what I can possibly do there. Where can I contact you aside from this site?
  3. I'm a pixel artist. I can fix your textures (including awfull acorn textures and fish textures from Primitive Survival) if you send them to me on Discord, I'm "Ледяная Соня#1155".
  4. As always, I will suggest texture improvement to make sure new items fit into base game. Dried berries and pemmican textures are good, unfortunately, same can't be said about acorns, trail mixes, seaweed and sushi, as they all have blur and/or semi-transparent pixels. Meat nuggets have too detailed texture both as items and in meals. Au gratin base is also too high-res, try looking on vanilla meal bases for reference.
  5. This mod is great, but not without flaws. Do you plan to improve the textures in the future? Cordage texture has random semi-transparent pixels. Fish fillet's texture is a photo, obviously too high-res for the game, same can be said about every fish except for bass. Models and textures of fish are too detailed in comparison to other mobs, I think they should be simplified to look more like the previously mentioned bass or chicks/baby hares (smallest vanilla mobs). Even earthworm item is too high-res. I'm a pixel artist, so I can actually help with textures if needed.
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