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  1. pretty much, on a default setting without xskills, yes, the base class system could still be there, Races/Sub Races would add another layer to have pro's and con's based on them, with xskills implemented on the server the class system would be gone completly and would be more based on "if I pick X race, I'd have X and Y con's on this, but I'd be good on X and Y, so ima go X or Y on the skill working to be good at those." lets say, someone adds a "Dwarf type race" with sub races(that aren't important atm), example, and using a default fantasy race here, that race would be, example again, be
  2. This is more so people can build other types of servers, not all mods gotta be Lore wise in my opinion. and not calling it classes opens more possibilities for other mods to expand on a proper class system, or classes system like Xskills mod, again, the "races" would work much like the current class system we have, each Race/Sub Race would have pros and cons, different costumization options would unlock/change depending of the Race/sub race picked. o. o/
  3. Let me start with, thank you, to the VS team, and the community! very welcoming and I loved so far all the interactions I had with everyone both on Discord and on the servers I played. Now, to the idea(s) First one - "Classes" should be trown out of the window, completly, from the get go, I never understood the reason it was called "classes" but after speaking with Tech_Rabbit. he explained that, the base race of the game is "Seraph", that, makes sense, if you look at it base game wise, I plan with this idea to expand on this! and improve on what the game could be!
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