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  1. I think movement should be allowed through branchy leaves. Maybe you take some minor scratches, it should probably slow you like spider webs - more than spider webs - but you should be able to force your character through branchy leaves. Snow can still settle on top of it if that's possible but I don't think you should be able to parkour across it willy-nilly. Maybe you could climb it like a ladder and stand on it like a ladder but the primary point is that you should be able to move through it. Also having the AI naturally navigate around this block to chase you down while you unknowi
  2. I think this could be used in a cool way, perhaps you have to keep a fire lit nearby to keep you warm or something. Maybe we just need more stuff to do indoors during the long night though.
  3. Going to necro this thread rather than posting my own. After a week off work, playing VS a lot and using shift to sprint (toggle sprint option on even), my joints are very upset with me. Shift sprint works great when I'm not binging a game but even with taking breaks and doing stretches my hand is very sore from all the pinky-ing I'm doing. I'd like to see the original suggestion of the double-tap run or even an auto-run, like a true togglable sprint. You press "sprint" one time and are always sprinting until you press "sprint" again. Traversing blocky terrain and having your "tog
  4. Wow, that is amazing that it can update an existing world like that. Thank you, I never would've guessed! One other question I should have asked, will there be some kind of display that a new version is out within the client? I am spoiled by Steam and automatic updates. Do we need to reinstall the client or does the client update itself?
  5. So I've put about 50 hours into a single player world after buying the game. I've been browsing the website and the forums and looking into what we're expecting in the coming updates. I see that updates are relatively frequent too, which is cool. I am wondering what effect updates have on existing worlds. Will my old world be stuck in 1.14.8? I can see how some things could easily be added to an existing world (e.g. new animals since those spawn). Some things would be... harder (e.g. new objects that don't respawn, like new berry bushes or something) and then some things that couldn't
  6. Thanks for the reply, that helps a lot. Time to get some reliable light sources.
  7. Just picked this up today and something has me stumped. It would be nice to be able to do things during the night sometimes but drifters spawn within my walls... effectively rendering my walls and closed gate pointless. Does a roof help? I've read on the wiki that drifters spawn "on solid blocks or inside tall grass below light level 8." Does this mean the only way to prevent this is to blanket my whole base with "light level 8?" What constitutes "light level 8?" Am I thinking about this all wrong and is night intended to strictly be run-to-bed time? Thanks
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