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  1. Made a new save, no longer 20 blocks up in a tree, haven't played with it. Sorry!
  2. With Iron I was able to work the outer edge voxels *back up* onto the iron piece with my hammer, thus enabling me to finish my first iron ingot by hand. I don't have a windmill or helve hammer, but after hours of work have a single iron ingot!
  3. @RhyagelleI hoped someone would get a kick out of it!
  4. I've been murdered twice by the same tree now. Just hanging out building a tree house, and suddenly half my health is gone! Turns out the new *awesome* wavey affect actually moves the tree branch hit box and can *squish* you quite violently... (I've been crouched, hanging off the end of an unmoving block both times, if it matters)
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