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  1. @Shaelin I agree with " just-passing-through feel" , much in the same way we can have cellars and charcoal pits , we can build some sort of multiblock structure to designate the area and when we sleep and wake up ,there could be a trader there .While not what i originally imagined , that does seem to fit the game feel much more but it doesn't make sense to have them be mobile , despite the wheels ...that would be counter productive to the game , if the game expects us to travel to traders and build infrastucture to support travel between various traders , then why have them moving ? And besid
  2. Vintage Story Version: 1.14.8 Distro / Kernel release : Opensuse LEAP 15.2 / 5.3.18-lp152.19-default Mono / .NET package version : mono-complete 6.8.0-lp152.4.2 Graphics driver version : NVIDIA 460.67-lp152.36.1 (proprietary) GPU : 980 mobile(30-40fps on high setting) Works for client : client , (multiplayer not tested) Installation method used : install.sh Hacks (if needed) : Install file had some permission probl
  3. Good day All , I would like to suggest 2 things here , first :- a way to grow your local village , as it stands , I believe the traders generate with the world randomly and that's it . maybe the player can somehow designate an area for a trader , and the game can provide a "traveling trader" who may decide to settle down . I'm not saying make it easy to get as many as you want , traders, as is ,necessitates infrastructure development and travel , I'm only suggesting a late game convenience. Secondly :- I strongly suggest that wooden bee-house for apiary . The skeps are grea
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