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  1. I personally preferred when it told you the stats, so you could determine the best thing to put in/on something, from just holding the bottle and not having to look it up in the handbook. Also, for the fried chicken! It was not fried chicken, it was redmeat! Which, can come from pigs, and pork dishes with cranberry sauce are common.
  2. 1.3.8: Bottles don't display the stats of the things in them (See image) Can't bread nuggets with any fruit syrup, including mixed syrup. (See images) (Can bread with eggs, honey, tree syrups) Can't drizzle anything on nuggets, or sushi, and I tried with varying fullness of the bottle and different substances. (See image)
  3. Do you also have the compatibility mod for expanded foods? If you or the server don't have this then, maybe that is your issue? It probably is, I just tried to do it with the compatibility disabled, and it is no longer working! Try and download that mod, and get the server to? Or, test it on a singleplayer world with the compatibility enabled.
  4. You can put it in as a liquid stand-in in stews and soups, (Instead of water), and in salads it can be an ingredient, just mix it in. But, it is ALSO a drizzle addition on cooked fried foods, and sushi. They are multipurpose liquids.
  5. I threw together a salad really quick, soy sauce can just be thrown in randomly. I also made a meat stew with random ingredients and fish sauce, that works too. I think garnishes post mixing/cooking are only on sushi, or other fried foods, such as a vegetable ball or nuggets.
  6. This recipe works, along with tree syrups, fruit syrups, and eggs. You can also change out the bread crumbs to rice, flax, etc. And the meat can be smashed readmeat, fillet, bushmeat, poultry, or nuggets of those meats. And for veggie balls, you can use either chopped or not chopped veggies Edit #2: I was on 1.3.5 so this recipe is probably not valid in 1.3.7 I was just recently told that the recipe changed.
  7. I just tested, you can use it in soups and stews, (Both fish sauce and soy sauce). You can also put it on sushi as a garnish to add protein values. (Bottle with soy sauce, fish sauce, or really syrups, on top of sushi in a crafting menu)
  8. Try and mix the recipe anyway, sometimes it bugs and doesn't show anything being made, but if that doesn't work, try a different batter liquid, such as a syrup or eggs. It worked for me when I recreated it without flour, try that.
  9. Maybe we could add the juice, but to consume it you would have to cook it into syrup?
  10. Putting saguaro fruit into a screwpress and pressing it causes a crash, and yeah I know there is no recipe for it, but I was like hey... this fits in the screwpress, so let's make some juice. This seems to be the important part of the crash logs, but if not I can send more of it. (It is easy to recreate, just put like seven or so saguaro fruit into a screwpress, press it and wait until it's done, then it crashes)
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