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  1. I did not realize your greenhouse was elevated. Monty Don would approve.
  2. Walled garden with honey bees. Very nice. Like the ladder access.
  3. A well heeled country estate. Greenhouse garden is wonderful.
  4. Ivan

    Giant Chess Set

    Edit: Tyvm. I will send you a copy when its complete. Interesting that you like like different ones than me. Piazza dei Miricolo, Pisa. Bishop and pawns are my favorite, but at night, the Knight, because the creative block blue used for the rain drops look nice in the dark. I will use this space for more pictures. 1. Another angle of the Knight 2. View of pawns from the Basilica interior. 3. A view of the Queens train and Kings chess board. 4. Pawn Dawn (bah-dum-tish!) 5. Play suspended due to weather conditions!
  5. Sounds very cool. Love to see what develops.
  6. Ivan

    Giant Chess Set

    Pieces, 0.5km chess board, Knight at night, Pawns, White pieces in play.
  7. Ivan

    Giant Chess Set

    Bishop, Rook, Pawn, Queen and the Bishop at night.
  8. Ivan

    Giant Chess Set

    A half a kilometers square board and as of now, one half of the pieces. For white I have chosen Red/White livery. Black will be purple/black when I get around to it.
  9. Beautiful. Looks really liker a proper Tudor Manor.
  10. Ivan

    Adventure locations

    An Oasis, the last of a sea. if you click on the image you can see the ship on the horizon better.
  11. That is a fine looking house. Really looks like something I would like to live in.
  12. Fascinating project Stroam. The term landmass would seem to involve oceans and seas I assume. That may lead to at least marginally smaller size world files, where compared to ones which record pure land with no seas. Biomes is another issue, and I do not like the random patchwork of Minecraft at all. Obviously Biomes would sit atop landmass, but what they are and why they are there may be affected by factors that can be assumed to exist, through in actuality they do not (like wind and ocean currents). So if you can generate a Landmass map, an abstract overlay of winds and currents could dictate where and what types of biomes exist. It would also affect temperature. That sounds complicated, but it could provide a degree of pre-destination and certainty in the process of placing biomes. A draw back to that idea may be that it would means climatic areas are vast. But that does not mean climatic areas would be single biomes, because a large variance is possible in regions sharing the same latitude. If you get around to generating polar regions, i would gladly contribute some templates for large scale ice formations.
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