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  1. Is it possible to generate a map from the seed used? I am not able to find lime, chalk and bauxit. Flying 5k blocks in every direction from our survival startpoint just revealed granit all around us... Bonuspoints for XRay possibilities...
  2. Is there a (approximate) date for the polished 1.5 release?
  3. Yeah I guess a new seed/world will be the way to go... Or altering the options maybe. As I said, I love the game but seeing how one by one my friends stopped playing was just sad. I guess I will make a singleplayer world, start creative until I get to the point I reached and then go survival again. (And that way I can keep on harrassing l33tmaans and his great mod :D) Thank you both.
  4. Hey, after flying for a hour in every direction from our multiplayer-survival-seed I am close to burn out on this game. My friends already stopped playing because the game is grindy after a few days playing and usually you have to spend searching for hours over hours for everything. I played further nevertheless, reached the tin-bronze age quite early and wanted to take the next step after iron wasnt a problem any longer: steelmaking and spend nearly 15 hours running and searching. Not to mention the food and gear I had to make. Creative on the seed showed: No limestone/chalk/bauxit anywhere near 5k blocks from our base. I am very discouraged and just sad about all the progress I will loose because we need a new seed. Without mods like l33tmans "Expanded foods" I would have lost interest way before to be honest. That turned out quite negtive so at the end: I love the game! It offered me a lot of fun and new things to fiddle with but the grind... the grind is real.
  5. Cool! And is tehre a way to reduce the cooking times of berries -> dried berries? I need a stack peat for a stack berries (approx. a little less) and thats just not feasible for the gainings. Btw: loving your mod! Suggestion: Ayran. Mix from yoghurt and salt. And: Is there a option to consume directly from flasks?
  6. The pasta does not give grain nutrition, is that right? Cooked pasta with vegetable juice, cheese and chickennuggets (now I have hunger...) and got: 180Veg, 360prot, 375dairy and 1,5hp
  7. I am really sorry for the struggles caused. Next time I will check the version first!
  8. Admin updated the server to 1.3.14 and everything is working again!
  9. Creating dried berries isnt possible as well since the last update (or that before). I am just able to drop 4 berries in a pan, they dont get heated. I already made some two weeks (?) back, but wasnt able to create some since then. Edit: I am also not longer able to make Birch syrup. It seems like the pan is broken somehow?
  10. Just mentioned it for leetman so that he maybe gets more insight in the problem. I experience the same problem.
  11. Yeah, I mentioned the same problem a few replies before yours. I am playing multiplayer if that is something I should mention? I dont have the acorns or alchemy mod enabled...?
  12. Any fix for not being able to cook syrup from berry juice? I am trying it in the saucepan.
  13. What would happen if new fresh resin gets added to "old" fresh resin? Does the timer get a reset or do they balance each other?
  14. My resin isn´t curing as well. Didn´t change the timer and I am storing in a sauce pan.
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