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  1. I have not had issues in fact I love that you can easily place slabs vertically! I have noticed the corner pieces would be nice to have though...
  2. I just really want a permanent skep option, I think reed ones are fine for early game but reusable ones later in the game would be great, I wouldn’t even care if they had durability, I just want to stop harvesting reeds!
  3. I believe this is covered under frequently suggested.
  4. Ya I didn’t expect it for everything and some things would be tedious I just like the interactive crafting brings depth and even though some things take longer (ie iron blooms) it’s satisfying and not tedious. Another question I had are there plans or has it ever been suggested to be able to store things en mass via blocks? Like a hay bails but a full stack? So like I could take 64 reeds and make a single green looking hay bail for decorative storage. Seems like it would add aesthetics and practicality. Again not every block but some would look good!
  5. I see on the roadmap they are wanting to get rid of the 3x3 Minecraftish crafting which is good. Does that mean we will be getting things like looms are a real furnace (I hate using a campfire to smelt things) etc..?
  6. Or grabbing wood on the side while still having the menu open. Handy...
  7. Didn't see it anywhere else. Like the title suggests, I was wondering if there are any plans for ray tracing?
  8. So animals seem to spawn around me but not with in the 48 (or however many) block radius to enticed them to my house. Is there a way to get, say chickens to come to my place. The only thing I can figure is to do it incrementally. Which sounds icky...
  9. My only current gripe is that I can’t seem to grab a meal with a bowl If the crock it on a shelf. So I have to grab the crock place it somewhere else get the bowl eat it and then pick the crock back up and put it away. If there is a way to not do this it would be great.
  10. I found the easiest way to find them is turn the volume way up and just sprint around forests.
  11. So I wouldn’t mind the cattail issue if there were a “higher tier” solution like once you get the saw you can make a wood bee hive that can be reused. Even if it has a limited life like tools.
  12. Ya in the games defense I have not set out on a "tin finding adventure" I've just now got a grasp on the propick mechanics. So hopefully once I actually start searching I can figure out the practicality of the propick and strike it rich!
  13. Ah ha! It must be the bunching thing and I was actually wondering that. If I sit on top of my wall and watch they spawn and slowly walk towards my farm like a tower defense game. So many rabbits! They get it but I have never seen how. No grass anywhere and my walls are rabbit proofed. Annoyingly they went straight after my cabbage and left me only 1 so hard to find... Anyways I’ll have to try a trench or something.
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