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  1. I dig the seeds. Little things like that make a real difference!
  2. Sales have cranked up quite a bit since last year. 2500 in the last 30 days so another 7500 or so since that tweet Glad to see it’s doing well. It deserves to do well and selfishly I realize the game getting revenue means they can be funded to to finish it
  3. I don’t know a good price but I DO feel it’s definitely worth more than $18! I would pay 25$ maybe even 30$ if there were more content (mostly story/adventure/fighting)
  4. Yes i'm all about the mystery and I thank you 2 for not spoiling anything. Im even fine with it being rare as it makes it that much more special like you said. I just hope by the time 1.0 comes out there is a good system for steering you towards putting the story together. Also I had no idea you could pan the bony soil! To bad its all gone from around me haha, down side to public servers. Oh well.... the hunt continues. Thanks gents.
  5. Hmm I’m basically doing all this already I am also playing on a server but I play every day or so so can’t really wait around. I mean I COULD but why should I I tried so save all my base building for the winter but am impatient and really want to find some rare seeds in ruins. thanks guys!
  6. I was actually wondering the same. Poll results with no follow up a estimated outline would be nice. Oh well we will get it some day.
  7. People talk about the “back story” but I have found zero in game lore. I think they recently released tapestries or something? But I have so many questions about this world and no answers.
  8. Congrats! Ya I just turn the volume up and music down.
  9. Any tips or tricks for traveling long distances (a day or more) in winter climates? It’s annoying having to stop every few minutes to build a fire. The traders have warmer clothes I assume. I haven’t delved into the world of trading an rusty gears.
  10. I haven’t been able to access the website is it down?
  11. Im trying to figure all this out right now. I have an enclosed kitchen that I think is just over 7x7 and I get the 120-125% hunger rate. But if I go into my food cellar that is attached to that room it drops to a normal 100%....
  12. Ohhh ok ya I voted on that but didnt see the water wheel. I really want the story and "world building" added. I love when I have objectives like that. Most people seem fine just build houses but I get bored of that. Anyways, thanks.
  13. Wait is steam planned? Also are they planning water power? I was thinking today how water wheels would be a great alternative to wind.
  14. Too bad Minecraft still looks terrible and VS does pretty much everything better.
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