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  1. Hi, i have a problem: i want to add a new metal to the game, but when i put the ingots in a forge, or when im smithing them, they loose there textures and become white and with a question mark. Has someone an idea, how i can fix that problem pls?
  2. yes, there you need really to code . But if you set the durability very high and remove this, the tools will be very strong to
  3. i think there is though a way: in the jsons of the tools there is a parameter called DamagedBy. If you remove it by a patch, it should work (i think)
  4. Hi everyone, i need help (again). How i can generate the buttom part of a structure under the ground? I think with the offsetY parameter, but it doesn't work! Here is the code: [ { "op": "add", "path": "/structures/-", "value": { code: "omniummoddungeon1", chance: 1, schematics: ["dungeon1"], replacewithblocklayers: ["soil-normal-normal", "soil-low-normal"], offsetY: -84 }, "file": "game:worldgen/structures.json" }, ] It generates all on the surface, and then i have bunch of 84-block tall mountains all over the world. Pls. can somebody help me, Thank you
  5. And when i set "offsetY" to -1, like at the other structures, it dont even generate.
  6. @I33tmaan, yes, i took a look to chaoslands, and in my mod i have shipwrecks too, and they generate like it schould be. But there i dont use the "offsetY" parameter (or minimal, -1 or so). Maybe this is the reason, maybe the block to generate on is 84 blocks beneath, and there is no grass, and because of that its bugging. But i dont know, how to do it in an other way.
  7. Hello everyone , Can someone help me to generate my structures right? The structure is one, wich has a top on the surface, and then a underground-part. I the .json file i write all right (in my oppinion), and i set the inside-block-codes-parameter to grass and not to water, but the struktures keep generating there! Here some examplepictures: I dont understand where the mistake is. Here the .json code: [ { "op": "add", "path": "/structures/-", "value": { "code": "dungeon1", "offsetY": -84, "chance": 0.5, placement: "surface", "schematics": ["dungeon1"], inblockcodes: ["soil-medium-normal", "soil-low-normal", "soil-verylow-normal"], }, "file": "game:worldgen/structures.json" }, ] If someone could help me, it would be gratefull! Thank you
  8. I think the cost of the actions isnt set in one of the .json files., but in the code of the game (but im not sure xD). Therefore the fourth thought is probably the only solution for that problem.
  9. Hello, Is there a way not rotating a structure, when it is generating? When one generates, it rotates randomly in all direction. I made a multiblock door (and no, it isnt copied from the medival expansion mod ), and when i generate a structure with it, and the structure rotates, the door is bugging. Therefore i wopuld be happy to know a way to not-rotate structures thx
  10. I tested it, and it worked very well at me. Maybe the mistake is not in this code, but in the mod at its own. Can you send me the whole mod folder please? thx
  11. And instant an other problem, hehe, I make a mod, that includes corals to the game, but i cant spawn fishes in the corals! I think, because the corals are rare blocks and the vintagestory-mob-spawning system (maybe) picks out every tick a random block, the chance, that it picks a coral is very very low... even if i turn the spawn rate of the fishes to 1000 000, they do not spawn! Can someone help me, pls? : D
  12. Hello, Is there a way to make, that an entity goes to a specific block? For example that a pig goes to an oak planks block? I looked at the default AiTask getOutOfWater, bud i understood nothing xD. Maybe some of you can explain me what the code in this AiTask does, or you can say me, how i can do this in an easier way
  13. Thats much more difficult, because i can't change the spawn rate of the drifter in the code, i only can make, that when the drifter wants to spawn, there is a chance, that he nontheless isnt spawning. Sorry, that I can not help you here.
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