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  1. I have a few questions! How long did it take you to build this, and how can someone stay motivated when working on big projects like this?
  2. I'm blown away with this build. I'm not much of a builder, but you inspire me to be better!
  3. Lovelorn

    Tools disappear

    After I use a tool it disappears. I put the tools in a chest and come back a few minutes later to see that they're gone. No internet trouble on my end. Worked fine earlier today. A little scared to play now
  4. I've started a new server (for my family to play on) and I'm having trouble configuring the settings. Example: How to set if certain blocks will fall, how long seasons are, etc. I also am unsure how to give myself admin control while in the server. It always says that I don't have permission. If anyone could help simplify this for me that would be amazing. This is the first time messing with a server and I feel a little lost.
  5. Wind chimes would be an excellent thing for this game! Imagine using wood or metal chimes. When the winds blowing, or a storm you can just sit down and listen...
  6. I've noticed that the game will freeze up, but the music/sound will continue to play. I also came across a bug where there's a section of land that's just black. You can walk through it; furthermore, I think it might be a lighting bug? Only experienced this once. The freezing bug happens a lot.
  7. Lovelorn


    *New to the suggestion topics page* I'm sure this isn't a new topic, but I love the idea of fishing in the game! It can add a new food source for the survivors and make new available recipes. If water froze during winter, you could drill out a hole and fish! While fishing, the player can just relax and take in the environment around them.
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