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  • The Accessibility Hotfix (v1.5.0.2)


    Version, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    It is very refreshing to see the sudden, and seemingly continuous influx of new members in our community. Let me take this opportunity to welcome you here one more time, show my appreciation for your support and hope that you are having a good time with what we've created :-)
    Also thanks to everyone that reported bugs, suggested features or helped spread the word of Vintage Story, makes for a very positive community climate, I find ^_^

    I decided to push another bugfix release, so that we have at least one very stable version of the game. Then I can worry less on creating unstable testing releases ^_^

    Game updates

    • Feature: Player view bobbing can now be disabled in the graphics settings (for @Milo Christiansen)
    • Feature: The mouse Y-Axis can now be inverted in the controls settings (for @Shaun Graham)
    • API Feature: Moved player/creature rendering system to the game content mod, several tweaks to the shape rendering system.
      Mods can now attach their own rendering stuff to players (for @copygirl)
    • Tweak: Wooden paths now have a move speed bonus of 12%
    • Tweak: Replaced fast graphics mode with a resolution slider. This now lets you reduce only the resolution without the weird side effects of backface culling. A value like 50% is recommended for MacOS Users with very high screen resolutions (for @ACE)
    • Fixed/Tweak: Stone paths only yielding a 8% move speed bonus instead of 15%. Increase move speed bonus now to 20%.
    • Fixed: The mouse cursor issues on MacOS and Linux should be a thing of the past now \o/
    • Fixed: Some shader errors printed to console on macos (and probably affecting moon rendering)
    • Fixed: Increased move speed from blocks not increasing walk animation speed
    • Fixed: Leaving, then re-entering a chunk causing some blocks to not fully disappear upon breaking (i.e. metal layer on molds, sign texts on signs, etc.)
    • Fixed: Help dialog can be interacted with while the create character dialog is opened.
    • Fixed: Foliage in some areas very uniformly colored (i.e. very rainy jungle areas)
    • Fixed: Dying with GUIs disabled prevents to from enable again. Upon death guis are shown now if they were hidden. 
    • Fixed: Dying then rage quitting and reloading the world caused the player to be alive again with 0 health.
    • Fixed: When Show/hide chat mapped to a letter then that letter can no longer be typed in chat without hiding the chat too.
    • Fixed: /announce command not printing the message
    • Fixed: 2 layer or thicker charcoal pits only yielding charcoal for the first layer
    • Fixed: Placing fire pits in creative mode only producing a client side firepit that doesn't work
    • Fixed: Minor Moon rendering issues
    • Fixed: Hitboxes not tightly fitting baskets and crucibles


    Specially for copygirl, I made it possible that Mods can do this now (this is not in the game, but a sample mod) - back packs :D

    Edited by Tyron


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